Graduate School Academic Recommendation Letter

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How do you write a letter of recommendation for a high school scholarship? How to draft a Graduate School Academic Recommendation Letter? Download this Graduate School Academic Recommendation Letter template now!

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How do you write a letter of recommendation for a high school scholarship? How to draft a Graduate School Academic Recommendation Letter?

We provide this standardized Graduate School Academic Recommendation Letter template with text and formatting as a starting point to help professionalize the way you are working. Our private, business, and legal document templates are regularly screened by professionals. If time or quality is of the essence, this ready-made template can help you to save time and to focus on the topics that really matter!

Graduate School Academic Recommendation Letter sample sentences:

Greeting for a recommendation letter:

  • Dear Admissions Team, / To Whom It May Concern,
  • Dear Selection Committee:
  • Dear {{Name of Employer or Graduate School Committee}},

Body of a recommendation letter:

  • I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for {{name of student}}. I highly recommend {{name of student}} to your organization for the position of {{job title}}.
  • It is my great pleasure to recommend {{student first and last name}} for the {{scholarship name}}. I am {{his/her}} Guidance Counsellor at {{name of high school}} and have had the pleasure of working with {{student first name}} on several committees and programs.
  • I can't stress enough my support for {{student first and last name}}, who has applied for the {{name of scholarship}}. 
  • I hold {{student first and last name}} in the highest esteem, and recommend {{him/her}} for the {{scholarship name}} without reservation.
  • I have known {{name of student}} for the past {{number of months, semesters, years}}as {{he/she}} has taken the following courses that I teach: {{list courses, give brief description of content of course}}. As {{his/her}} professor, I have had an opportunity to observe {{his/her}} participation and interaction in class and to evaluate {{name of student}}’s knowledge of the subject matter. 
  • {{He/she}} is and outstanding student in all respects. {{Name of student}} has proven that through hard work, follow though, and teamwork, {{he/she}} can accomplish tasks in a courteous and timely manner. 
  • {{Give one or two specific examples of the student's performance. Also, list other activities that the student is involved with at the university and outside of the university. Point out the areas in which this individual has learned and had the chance to grow with these opportunities.}}
  •  {{Name of student}} is well equipped to grow from challenges that {{he/she}} is presented with. {{His/her}} {{list three key traits (examples: patience, teaching ability, strong computer programming stills…)}}, prepare {{him/her}} beautifully for your{{company/organization/school/program}}. I strongly endorse making {{name of student}} a member of your team at {{list company name/school/program}}.
  • I wholeheartedly endorse {{student first and last name}} as recipient of the {{scholarship name}}. I am the Principal of {{name of high school}}, where {{student first name}} has studied for the past {{two}} years.
  • I see that the scholarship is intended to go to someone who demonstrates strong leadership skills. 
  • {{Student first name}} fits these guidelines perfectly. This past year {{he/she}} took on the primary responsibility for our school's role in the Enterprising Young People program. 
  • {{He/she}} collaborated with business students at Concordia University in tailoring the program to our student population.
  • {{He/she}} is also gifted in recognizing and drawing out the talents of others, and was able to put together and supervise a student committee to review the business plans created by the entrepreneurial students in the Enterprising Young People program. 
  • It is rare to meet a high school student who is so mature, organized and results-oriented.
  • I can whole-heartedly support {{student first name}} for this award.
  • {{His/her}} demonstrated leadership and vision have made a positive impact on our school community and I have no doubt that this will continue at the university {{he/she}} will be attending.
  • As {{his/her}} Math teacher, I can attest that {{student first name}} is not one to back down from a challenge, either academic or personal.
  • {{He/she}} finishes what {{he/she}} starts and never lets adversity get {{him/her}} down. Because of {{his/her}} bold vision and perseverance, our school now has a community-funded computer lab. 
  • {{Student first name}}’s dedication to that project continues as {{he/she}} supervises computer training in our community.
  • {{Student first name}}’s combination of academic achievement, leadership and personal character make {{him/her}} an ideal candidate. 
  • Once you meet {{student first name}} you will see why I am so enthusiastic about {{him/her}}, both as a student and a young citizen.
  • Having {{student first name}} in my classes this past year has been a real pleasure. We have bonded over our common interest in golf.
  • {{Student first name}} is involved in a wide range of extracurricular activities, from volunteering at a homeless shelter to chairing our school’s environment task force and, of course, participating in the golf club (for which I am the faculty sponsor).

Closing of a recommendation letter:

  • {{He/she}} tells me that {{he/she}} aspires to be either a journalist or an editor. Whatever path {{he/she}} chooses, I know {{student first name}} will excel and prove our respective schools proud.
  • This scholarship would go a long way toward helping {{student first name}} achieve {{his/her}} goals, and I strongly urge you to award it to {{him/her}}. You will not find a more worthy recipient.
  • {{Student first name}} is a true leader. {{His/her}} teachers tell me {{he/she}} often takes on leadership roles and guides {{his/her}} classmates in reaching collective goals. 
  • I have seen this firsthand in my dealings with {{him/her}} as co-chair of our school’s environment task force. 
  • {{His/her}} leadership has resulted in measurable improvements in our school’s environmental footprint. Specifically, {{his/her}} school-wide push to separate organic waste has diverted 28% of our garbage to compost, significant savings to our school district, and a model for the community.
  • I am impressed by {{student first name}}’s diligence and character.
  • It has been a pleasure to have {{him/her}} at our school. {{He/she}} is most deserving of this award.
  • Thanking you. 
  • Yours sincerely,

What makes a good recommendation letter?

  • Enthusiastic! Show off the character and personality of the person;
  • Provide descriptions of your contributions to the work/academic environment related to completed tasks on time or your strengths;
  • Always use action verbs to describe your accomplishments, skills, and strengths;
  • Make sure to use the active voice which indicates that you completed tasks and demonstrated desirable behaviors. Since the passive voice can indicate that events happened with or without your active involvement;
  • Explain how you performed the responsibilities required, and therefore it’s good to study some appealing  anecdotes;
  • If possible, a statement indicating people would re-hire you or collaborate with you on another project;
  • Structured and written to highlight the person's strengths;
  • Immediately clear about the purpose and position the person is seeking;
  • Brief, preferably one or pages in length;
  • Clean, error-free, and easy to read;
  • Using common business letter format;
  • No copying of exact words/phrases from sample letters without checking the context;
  • Uses the correct name of the University or organization;
  • Contact information including his or her full name, appropriate title, address, phone number, and/or e-mail address;
  • Expands upon their resume; do not repeat it verbatim in your reference letter as well.

Using this Graduate School Academic Recommendation Letter template guarantees you will save time, cost, and effort! It comes in Microsoft Office format, is ready to be tailored to your personal needs. Completing your document has never been easier!

Download this Graduate School Academic Recommendation Letter template now for your own benefit!

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