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How to create a general Chinese Message to send your blessings? How to send your best wishes in Chinese? Download these general well wishing Chinese Messages no

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How to create a general Chinese Message to send your blessings? How to send your best wishes in Chinese? Download these general well-wishing Chinese Messages now!

This general Chinese Message template contains several suitable Chinese Messages for different occasions. You can easily select the most appealing Chinese Message and share with your friends, family or colleagues. These Chinese idioms should provide a good start, though it is always a good idea to try and pick up additional savings based on individual needs.

Chinese translation of 'message'
  • (to somebody) 消息 (xiāoxi) (条(條), tiáo)
  • (= meaning) [of play, book etc] 主旨 (zhǔzhǐ)
  • to leave (sb) a message (给(給)某人)留个(個)信 ((gěi mǒurén) liú gè xìn)
  • to get the message (inf) 领(領)会(會) (lǐnghuì)
  • to get the/one's message across 使人理解这(這)个(個)/自己的意思 (shǐ rén lǐjiě zhège/zìjǐ de yìsi)
  • (on Facebook) 发消息 (fā xiāoxi)

Sending mass blessing messages is something Chinese people already do for ages. Blessing Chinese messages stem from the ancient Chinese cultural custom of piety towards loved ones and friends. They stem from a general appreciation for each other.

We support you by providing these general Chinese Messages, which will save your time and efforts and help to spread your Chinese blessings or greetings faster! 

These Chinese Messages have ways to grab your receiver’s attention. This Chinese Message template is intuitive, ready-to-use and structured in a smart way. Try it now and let these blessing messages inspire you and your friends. We certainly hope that these Chinese messages will fit your needs. 

Download this traditional Chinese Well Wishing Message template now!

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