Yellow Laser Eyes

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How do I add yellow laser eyes to my profile pic? What is the meaning of Laser Eyes on Twitter?

Laser eyes are adopted by anybody that is interested in cryptocurrency, and that likes to support the journey to a healthier and better global financial system, by adopting a global deflationary bitcoin standard that could for example back stable coins. It's certainly an eyecatcher that allows for a great discussion with existing or new connections.

Famous laser eyes profiles on Twitter or LinkedIn are:

  • Raoul Pal
  • Elon Musk (February 19, 2021)
  • President Nayib Bukele
  • Michael Saylor
  • Tom Brady
  • Meltem Dimirors
  • Antoni Scaramucci
  • Samson Mow
  • Cynthia Lummis
  • Warren Davidson
  • David Hoffman
  • Winklevoss Twins
  • Nick Szabo
  • Paris Hilton

When you are developing your career, nowadays Linkedin is a great platform to find new projects or job opportunities. Having a professional profile image certainly helps you to get clicks. In fact, studies have shown that your LinkedIn profile is 40 percent more likely to be clicked on if it contains a professional and attractive image. Therefore, it’s important to create a LinkedIn profile photo strategically that helps to convert your prospects into interviews.

To make a professional profile headshot, consider the following:

  • At least 65% of the image needs to show your face;
  • Make use of HD/ high-resolution image;
  • Only put yourself on the image;
  • Best not to use selfies, but ask somebody to take the picture for you;
  • Choose the right expression;
  • Choose basic, not distracting, backgrounds;
  • Wear professional work clothes.

What is the ideal image size?

The dimensions for a LinkedIn photo:

  • Cover Image Page 1128 (w) x 191 (h) pixels;
  • Company Photos 900 (w) x 600 (h) pixels.

By downloading this free laser eyes PowerPoint template, you can now easily edit retouch an existing profile photo PNG extension headshot and add laser eyes to it. It contains several color laser eyes, such as blue, red, purple, yellow, etc.

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