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How to format APA style guide template YouTube videos?

Combining appealing images, compelling narration, and educational substance may make for an amusing and enlightening and monetizing YouTube video that can be a great achievement of yourself. 

Here is a video layout format:

  • Introduction: Start with an attention-grabbing beginning to captivate the audience. Describe yourself and the subject of the video in a humorous and upbeat manner.
  • Storytelling: Include a lighthearted tale or story that is relevant to the lesson. Bring the story to life through vivid animations, skits, or graphics. Include comedic elements in your writing, such as witty characters, surprising turns, or lighthearted banter.
  • Educational content: Informative material should be delivered in a fun and understandable way. To improve understanding, use visual aids like animations, charts, and diagrams. Dissect difficult ideas into understandable, real-world examples. Add interactive components, such as tests or easy to understand real-life examples. To engage the audience, incorporate interactive features such as games, challenges, or quizzes. 
  • Humor: Include amusing bits or humorous sketches that are relevant to the topic throughout the video. Use appropriate wordplay, puns, and jokes for the target audience. To increase the hilarious effect, think about employing humorous sound effects or background music.
  • Conclusion: Write a brief, memorable summary of the instructional material's main ideas.
  • Finishing touch: Finish the video with a lighthearted aside or a witty spin on the subject. For more fun and enlightening content, ask viewers to like, comment, and subscribe to your channel.
  • Etc...
Keep in mind to keep the video's duration suitable for the attention span of the intended audience and maintain a balance between humor and educational value throughout the video. A common size of YouTube video is between 10 and 12 minutes and contains about 1400 words of (English) text.

This storyboard template is perfect if you are just starting to make YouTube video's, and looking for the best recipe to make a viral video. Experts recommend to make at least 1 or a few channels, with related content and with at least 20-33 video's to find out if your channel is successful and can bring you a nice extra income.

Other YouTuber Influencer Marketing Templates:

Download this YouTube Video Format template directly from our website, good luck with your journey!

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