Basisverklaring met twee weken Kennisgeving

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Do you need to write a thoughtful Basic Resignation Letter With Two Weeks Notice? Download this Basic Resignation Letter With Two Weeks Notice now!

So goes a popular saying in Dutch used to announce one’s departure without having to go into details. There is a time of arriving and a time of leaving.

Whatever the circumstances of your departure, this Basic Resignation Letter With Two Weeks Notice can help you draft a polite and appropriate resignation letter. In general, a resignation letter should be a short letter, formally exhorting your boss that you are leaving your job and the company. Such an abdication letter can help you keep up a positive association with your company and boss by leaving with a solid and positive last impression, while likewise preparing for you to proceed onward. 

Please accept this letter as formal notice that I am resigning from the position of.
The time will eventually come for you to resign from a position. This could be due to accepting another position, changing careers, a change in personal circumstances, or any number of other reasons. When resigning, it is best to put your resignation in writing and give at least two weeks' notice. To help with writing a resignation letter, a sample is included below. Notice that a resignation letter is brief and positive. In some cases, you may have disliked the job very much but the letter should be positive. Remember that this
will likely be kept in a personnel file and could impact references from the employer.

First of all I would like to congratulate you for taking Company to new heights. I am really great to have worked with you. I am really great full of receiving a new wage hike and a revised salary structure however I regret to inform you that I wish to resign from the engineer position. I would like to move ahead of my career and take new challenges so I decided to relocate from A to B. This resignation is the toughest decision so far in my life, I request you to please understand as this is the most crucial career decision as well.
I am required to take the charge from next month this gives me a complete one month time to hand over my responsibility and help coherent knowledge transfer.
It has been a pleasure working with the company and great learning as well.
Thanks and regards,

Please consider it might cause some stress for the employer who needs to find a replacement. Therefore it's important to give the notice in time (especially check with your contract), with for example two or four weeks, which is often an accepted minimum period of time.

We hope you made the best decision and this Basic Resignation Letter With Two Weeks Notice can be of good use to you, in order to write a polite and compelling resignation letter.

Good luck with your next step!

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