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How to write a leave of absence letter to your company? We provide a perfectly written formal Leave of Absence Request Letter that fits your needs!

Follow these steps in order to prepare a decent leave letter:

Step 1: Type the date
Type the date, in the format: month, day, and year on one line below your address and telephone number, flush left. 

Step 2: Type the recipient's address
Type the name of the recipient's, include the title, and address one line, flush left. Whenever possible, address the letter to a specific individual. 

Step 3: Type the salutation
Type the recipient's personal title and full name in the salutation, one line after the recipient's address, flush left, followed by a colon. Leave one line blank after the salutation. Hereby a suggestion: use the recipient's full name unless you usually refer to the individual by a first name. 

Step 4: Compose the letter
In the first paragraph of the letter's body, you state the reason for your request for a leave of absence. In the paragraphs following, you can use examples to support your main argument. Please check several reasons that apply to this request: 

  • Sick Leave Beyond 5 days (please provide doctor’s note) 
  • Extended Illness Leave (difference pay after sick leave exhausted) 
  • Workers’ Compensation Leave 
  • Temporarily Disability 
  • Pregnancy Disability (Maternity Leave) 
  • Child Raising / Adoption Leave 
  • Family Care Leave 
  • Professional Improvement 
  • Other
Do not indent the paragraphs. But instead, leave an empty line between each paragraph.

Step 5: Close the letter
Close the letter without indentation, leaving three or four lines for your signature between the closing and your typed name and title. In the final paragraph, you need to summarize the purpose of your letter again and suggest a suitable course of action to follow.

Step 6: Type your address
Type your address and telephone number, flush left on the bottom of the page (or top of the page). It is not necessary to include your name or title here, it will be included in the closing.

We support you by providing this Leave Request Letter template and you will see you will save time and increase your effectiveness. Please note this letter template is provided for guidance only. Download this Letter template now or write a perfect (and personalized) letter, edited to fit your personal situation. If this letter does not fit your requirements, please also have a look at the full overview of Leave of Absence templates.

Download this Leave of absence letter sample now, best of luck!

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