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Are you looking to get the most out of your treadmill workouts? Download this Weekly Treadmill Workout Log template now!!

This printable workout log focuses on your weekly fitness and strength training. You can use this log to track your strength training progress, including your pre-sets, daily calories you burn, and weight.

It is important to keep track of each and every workout in order to achieve your fitness goals. Logging your workouts can help with workout consistency, motivation, and ensure you are keeping your workout challenging to see results. A training log can also tell you if certain days or times are not working for you. It is also fun to look back on your old logs and see what you used to do way back when!

1. Fill out each section of the log each day to get the full benefits!
2. Write the date (day of week, month, day, year) and time of workout in the appropriate sections
3. Did you do cardio today? Before or after the workout? Write this down in the section
marked "CARDIO?” You might find that your workouts are less intense if you do cardio before a workout. This section can help you keep track.
4. Mood: How are you feeling today? Tired? Energized? Depressed? Frustrated with work?
Sad because of bad news? Write it down here! Maybe every Wednesday at noon you are
feeling tired and not realizing it. Now you will know!
5. Exercise: This is the name of the exercise you are performing e.g. Leg Press
6. Length of Workout: Write down how long the workout took you from start to finish. You
can look back and see if you are working out intensely or socializing in-between sets.
7. Comments: Important! How did the workout go? What happened that was interesting?
What supplements did you take today? Learn anything? Write it all here!
8. Workout Location: This is for people that work out at different locations often.

Track your fitness goals on your treadmill by using this instantly downloadable free Treadmill Log Spreadsheet. Use this spreadsheet to monitor the:

  • Speed
  • Incline
  • Time
  • Calories
  • Routine
  • Notes
  • Distance
Download this Weekly Treadmill Workout Log template now for your reference.

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