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De beste manier om een Chinese Nanny (Ayi) Tweetalige overeenkomst te maken? Check direct dit professionele Chinese Nanny (Ayi) Tweetalige overeenkomst template!

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Wettelijk Privé China huishouden Sjanghai ayis betekenis overeenkomst china ayi kosten van ayi in China ayi agentschap China

How to hire an Ayi (Maid) for Housecleaning Services in China? Download this bilingual China Maid Service Agreement template now!

We support you by providing this China Ayi Maid Service Agreement template, in case you want to make a contract with a maid or nanny for housekeeping services!

What does an Ayi cost in China?
Due to the scarcity of 'good Ayi's', their salaries in China are generally higher than most of the other industries (think about 28-40 RMB per hour when they are working for foreigners, and 25-35 RMB / hour when they are working with locals) (Shanghai, 2018, for other cities, like Beijing, Guangzhou, Xiamen, etc it's probably lower).

The following items are specified in this Ayi Agreement in the English and Chinese language:

  • Parties
  • Agreement Period | 合约期
  • Terms and Conditions for Agreement Period |条款和条件合约期
  • Other Expenses (lunch, transportation, etc) | 其他开支
  • Holidays and Vacation Days |  公众假期和休假日
  • Employer Responsibilities | 雇主的责任
  • Ayi Responsibilities | 员工责任
  • Extension and Termination | 延长和终止
  • etc.

By using this bilingual Ayi Services Agreement you will certainly save yourself costs and efforts and it's a great tool to make all your wishes and demands clear in order to have a long and successful agreement with your Ayi. 

It is drafted by a local legal professional, contains all the basics, is intelligently structured and easy-to-navigate through.    

Download this China Ayi Maid Service Agreement template now!

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