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Responsibilities: CAO: Issues specific facilities supplemental guidance in support of PPBES processes Prepares the OMB Exhibit 300 with LO input Ensures quality of all OMB Exhibit 300s, for facilities Categorizes proposed major investments as modernization/replacement/consolidation or repair, including health/safety/environmental Prepares Basis of Estimate with LO input Appoints a Senior Project Manager and identifies Integrated Project Team members Determines, in consultation with the LO, whether an independent review is warranted for the candidate project Works with the Program Planning and Integration (PPI) to ensure the Annual Guidance Memorandum includes adequate guidance for the facilities program Goal and Sub-goal Leads and Program Managers: Responds to annual guidance via the Program Baseline Assessment phase of the PPBES process Coordinates emerging program requirements with LO representatives and OCAO Line Office: Submits initial modified OMB Exhibit 300 for proposed investments Provides input to OCAO for preparation of the OMB Exhibit 300 Appoints a Client Representative to represent the LO in defining program requirements and making project decisions Ensures Assistant Administrator (AA)-level approval for any projects to be submitted to the CAO for Capital Investment review Provides input to PPBES Mission Goal/PPBES Program Managers for the development of the Program Baseline Assessment phase of the PPBES process Table 2-1 Steps: BC-1 Identify and Define Project BC-2 Develop Initial Cost Estimate BC-3 Develop/Submit PPBES Documentation BC-4 Identify Client Representative BC-5 Develop OMB Exhibit 300 BC-6 Identify Project Manager and Integrated Project Team Members BC-7 Make Project Development Rating Index (PDRI) decision BC-8 Determine Service Provider BC-9 Approval to Proceed to Capital Investment Review 2.1 OMB Exhibit 300 NOAA will use the OMB Exhibit 300 as its business case analysis format for major construction projects.

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