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How to write a technical proposal for building construction project? Download this simple construction proposal template now.

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How to write a technical proposal for building construction project?

A great way to start making your proposal, is by downloading this sample construction proposal template now! This Proposal is created in a simple tabular form and designed to organize information related to a construction project. It's not a matter of being a beginner or professional, from all over the world, are now using such ready-made proposal to create tables, calculations, comparisons, overviews, etc. for any personal or business needs.

This useful Construction Proposal will make the task a little easier and can be used for organization, analysis, accounting and storage of data in order to increase your productivity. This construction proposal template gives you a head start and is useful because it also has the basic formula’s included. If time and quality are of the essence, this worksheet can certainly help you out! 

Construction Proposal Assumptions:
This estimate was prepared under the following assumptions:

  • The construction site will be fully accessible during normal working hours;
  • No phasing will be required;
  • Prevailing wage labor rate structure;
  • This project will be subject to management review and inspection;
  • This project is aiming to achieve all necessary certifications;
  • The owner/owners representative will add escalation as they deem appropriate;
  • The availability of water, energy, light, at the building site;
  • {{Name Contractor}} has no control over the cost of labor and materials, the general contractor’s or any subcontractor’s method of determining prices, or market conditions.
  • This opinion of the probable cost of construction is made on the basis of the experience, qualifications, and best judgment of a professional consultant familiar with the construction industry.  However, {{Name Contractor}} cannot and does not guarantee that proposals, bids, or actual construction costs will not vary from this or subsequent cost estimates.
  • The statement reflects probable construction costs obtainable in a competitive and stable market. This statement is a determination of fair market value for the construction of the project.
  • Recommendations for Cost Control: {{Name Contractor}} recommends that the Owner and the Architect carefully review this entire document.  
  • Requests for modifications of any apparent errors or omissions to this document must be made within ten (10) working days of the date of this estimate. 
  •  Otherwise, it will be understood that the contents have been concurred with and accepted. 
  • If the project is over budget, or there are unresolved budgeting issues, alternate systems / schemes should be evaluated before proceeding.
  • Basis for Quantities: Wherever possible and practical, this estimate has been based upon the actual measurement of different items of work.  For the remaining items, parametric measurements were used in conjunction with references from other projects of a similar nature.
  • Basis for Unit Costs: The unit costs enumerated herein are based on current prices in the {{Territory}}. The amounts are mentioned in {{Territory}} in {{Currency}} for convenience. The final amounts that will be applicable are in United States Dollars and according to the current exchange rate that is applicable at the time this proposal is dated.
  • Sources for Pricing: This estimate was prepared by a team of qualified cost consultants experienced in estimating construction costs at all stages of the design.
  • These consultants have used pricing data from the {{Name Contractor}} database for construction, updated to reflect current market conditions in {{Territory}} at the time the estimate was prepared.  In some cases, quotes were solicited from outside sources to substantiate in-house pricing data.
  • General Conditions: An allowance has not been included for the contractor's general conditions;
  • Contractor's Fee: ...etc.
  • Besides more assumptions, there is also a basic planning provided and design estimating allowances, financials, etc.

Download this simple construction proposal template directly to your computer, open it, modify it or print it directly. You'll see it is a great way to increase your productivity and to bring your task to a successful ending!

Alternatively, have a look at this Construction Proposal Assumptions Excel template.

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