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The training method I dislike the most is,,,,,,, ,a.) participating in small groups,,,,,, ,b.) listening to a lecture,,,,,, ,c.) reading and analyzing case studies,,,,,, ,d.) participating in role plays,,,,,, ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, Feelers,,Observers,, Thinkers,, Doers, 1 c,,1,a,,1,d,,1,b, 2 b,,2,a,,2,c,,2,d, 3 c,,3,a,,3,d,,3,b, 4 a,,4,d,,4,b,,4,c, 5 a,,5,b,,5,d,,5,c, 6 d,,6,c,,6,b,,6,a, 7 b,,7,d,,7,a,,7,c, 8 d,,8,a,,8,c,,8,b, 9 b,,9,d,,9,a,,9,c, 10 d,,10,c,,10,b,,10,a, 11 d,,11,c,,11,a,,11,b, 12 c,,12,a,,12,d,,12,b, ,,,,,,, TOTALS ,,,,,,, ,Feelers,,Observers,,Thinkers,,Doers.

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