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How do you write a sales pitch? Download this Sales Elevator Pitch if you are in need for a professional and smooth Elevator speech to be used when you meet future customers or boss.

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How to make a professional elevator pitch? Download our Elevator Pitch "sales type" template and get your polished pitch that will impress new potential customers in minutes! 

Our sales elevator pitch template has its ways to grab your collocutors’ attention. The devil is in the details, and this pitch will guide you through it very effective and efficiently.

After downloading and crafting suitable texts in the blanks, you can customize your own elevator pitch in every detail. Our template will help you structure your thoughts on every detail in a professional way!

This sales Elevator Pitch is providing you an important sales tool that will help you to reach the next level of success in your work and business. Besides this, it will give you a strong example of how a sales elevator pitch looks like and provides you with five persuasive suggestions to improve your elevator pitch:

  • Sell it as a story: stories are naturally persuasive and they often combine: grabbing attention, discuss change, and evoke empathy. If you are able to tell a good story to emphasize your company and product/service, you should mention it. Also discuss possible pain points your company is overcoming.  Especially if you can let the other party confirm the pain points you are mentioning (or even better, if he/she confirms to have a stake in the same pain points as well), you may win their curiosity and attention instantly. 
  • Simplify through an analogy: if you are able to summarize your concept by using famous icons, stories, heroes, celebrities, etc (Facebook for entrepreneurs, Amazon for China) you are increasing the chance your pitch will be understood and remembered by the other party. Work out an analogy to explain the unfamiliar and complex, or mention an obvious comparison to focus more on the differences with your product/service instead of basic features.
  • Enforce Big brands or Big names: show off if you are associated with any big names or brands, have any famous investors, celebrity customers.
  • Include specific numbers: if you come up with serious numbers and any appeal to logic (one of the three pillars of persuasion). Significant numbers add extra credits to your pitch. 
  • Add some rhythm into the pitch: since you are designing your elevator pitch, you can add some alliteration, rhythm, rhyme to the pitch, to make it a memorable experience for the other party. Make it make it a memorable experience for the other party. Make it sound nice on paper! sound nice on paper!

Besides it discussed an example of professional elevator pitch (sales type), like this:

Q “Were you ever in the situation that you were not able to determine if a business lead was good or not”

A “It happens from time to time”.

“We found a very good solution to improve the quality of leads a company can follow”.  We at FaceYourself, a platform that enables people like you a nice online social life and many business opportunities in USA.

Our platform lets you also brand your own business with several tools to engage with new potential customers via a variety of distribution channels, and provides the necessary background information to determine if the lead is qualified.

Today, over 80 MLN individuals use FaceYourself to share their life online. I can provide you an awesome membership promotion if you like right now.”

Print out this persuasive elevator pitch template for salesmen and start crafting your own improved elevator pitch now!

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