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How to create a Full Day Preschool Schedule? Looking for a preschool schedule template? Download this template now which will help you plan the day for your preschool students, incorporating activities such as learning, play, and socialization.

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How to create a Full Day Preschool Schedule? Looking for a preschool schedule template? This template will help you plan the day for your preschool students, incorporating activities such as learning, play, and socialization. It includes a breakdown of the hours, tasks, and tasks to be completed throughout the day. It can be customized to fit your needs.

A child's day should include playing, reading, eating, interacting, and engaging with the world around him or her. It is important to design your schedule and space in such a way that it supports effective routines in order to promote a child's development and learning. The objective of this lesson is to provide a flexible schedule that meets children's need for routine and play while meeting their flexibility needs.

What is the purpose of a daily schedule for preschool and kindergarten?

In order for a schedule to be effective, there are six components.

1. You can choose what you want at any time
a) In order for children to develop their interests and engage in play, a variety of opportunities must be available to them. In the preschool classroom, free-choice time is one of the easiest and most effective ways to provide these opportunities to children.

2. Spending time outdoors
a) Preschoolers also spend a lot of time outdoors, just like they do indoors during free-choice time. During outdoor time, children are often free to choose their own activities and learn according to their interests, much as they do during free-choice time.

3. Activities for large groups
a) Teacher-led activities for large groups benefit preschool children as well. As a result, children's academic, social, and inquiry skills are developed through instruction or discussion.

4. Theme activities for small groups
a) An important learning goal can be achieved in a personal setting through small-group activities. Children's active engagement can be fostered through these kinds of activities. There is less waiting because fewer children are involved, and the children are able to actively manipulate materials for longer periods of time.

5. Making transitions
a) Preschool classrooms are characterized by transitions. As children move from one activity to another throughout the day, such as when cleaning up interest areas and lining up for recess, some activities must be stopped.

6. Typical routines
a) A classroom day is not complete without routines. Throughout preschool, kids follow daily routines such as arriving on time, going to the bathroom, cleaning up after themselves, napping, and leaving.

Full Day Preschool Schedule

6:00 8:00 am Welcome Friends and Free Choice 
8:00 8:15 am Bathroom 
8:15 8:45 am Breakfast 
8:45 9:15 am Group Time Physical Health Development/ Letter of the week/sign language/Spanish word/Stories/Songs 9:15 9:45 am Outside or Large Muscle Activity 
9:45 10:00 am Bathroom 
10:00 10:30 am Creative Expression
 10:30 11:00 am Language Literacy Activity 
11:00 11:30 am Social/Emotional Activity 
11:30 12:00 pm Lunch 
12:00 12:30 pm Bathroom 
12:30 2:00 pm Nap/Rest Time 
2:00 2:30 pm Bathroom
2:30 3:00 pm Science Math 
3:00 3:30 pm Afternoon Snack
3:30 4:00 pm Outside or Large Motor Activity
4:00 4:30 pm Construction and/or Fine Motor Activity 
4:30 6:00 pm Additional Activity/Free Choice/Farewell Little

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Download this Full Day Preschool Schedule template now for your own benefit!

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