Formal Lab Report

How to create a Formal Lab Report? What is a formal lab report? We provide a Formal Lab Report layout that fits your needs!

We support you by providing this Formal Lab Report template and you will see you will save time and increase your effectiveness. This formal lab report handout will provide you with an outlined structure for writing reports. The following steps are important to follow when composing your report:

  • Preparing and planning: the audience and the purpose
    • Periodic reports;
    • Progress reports;
    • Investigative reports;
    • Recommendation reports;
    • Feasibility reports.
  • Telling or selling: informational vs. analytical reports
  • Constructing the message: the report structure
  • Caring for your reader: empathetic vs. selfish writing
  • Using effective language: formality, jargon, and details
  • Delivering the message to the reader: indirect vs. the direct method 
  • Enhancing readability: Using headings, transitions, and graphics
    • Identify the purpose of the report
    • Make sure you understand the wishes and needs of your audience;
    • Understand the difference between informational and analytical reports;
    • Develop an effective report format, before you start writing the content;
    • Decide on what language and level of detail is appropriate for your target audience;
    • Apply an appropriate degree of formality to your report, and keep it consistent;
    • Determine if the direct or indirect method is appropriate for your target audience;
    • Create headings, transitions, and graphics to enhance your report’s readability;
    • Arrange proofreading of the report before sending it to the final readers.

Lab Report Format

1. Title
2. Research Question
3. Background Information
4. Hypothesis (if applicable)
5. Variables
6. Control of Variables
7. Materials
8. Method (Procedures)

Data Collection and Processing
1. Raw Data
2. Processed Data
3. Uncertainty
4. Presentation and Graphs

Conclusion and Evaluation
1. Conclusion
2. Evaluation
3. Improvements
4. References

Sample content lab report:

Format for formal lab report Title page is a  page with the following information 
Environmental Science 
Post Lab Title Here 
Your name here 
The report should be double spaced and 12 point font Abstract 
The abstract is a clear, concise, and complete summary of the project, including the purpose, methods used, results, and major conclusions.
Different types of resources are listed differently: 
Books have the following elements in the reference: 
(2) Date 
(3) Title 
(4) Publication Information Example

Please note this template is provided for guidance only. Content and correspondence should be edited to fit your personal situation.

Download this formal Lab Report template now.

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