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How do I write a job application letter? What is a job application letter? Check out this job application template for your reference and download it directly.

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How do I write a job application letter?

A job application is a form or letter which employers require job seekers to fill out and write when they apply to a job vacancy. This form is a must to be filled by a job seeker. It contains the main key points of a job applicant, which can be like personal address, some habits, interests, and the related information which is usually asked about to get to know about the psyche of someone. Sometimes, people also consider it as a cover letter which is to be attached along with the resume when applying to a position. We will also help you to write a job application letter (cover letter) so keep reading to get some useful answers to your queries. A job application letter is the same as a cover letter which is submitted along with the CV when some applicant applies to a job vacancy.

Follow the steps written below to turn out an amazing cover letter on your own:

  1. Choose a professional-looking template: a first step in making a good impression is by choosing a clear and professional-looking letter format. As you are applying to a job to make a good living for yourself so, we recommend that you look for a format that has proper sections with better readability. With clear sectioning, a cover letter will become easier for a recruiter to read, scan, and analyze.  A better visual and clear to read text is always a plus point. So, make sure you choose a professional yet clear and visible letter format.
  2. Start with a clear subject line: after writing down the main letter startup content, head towards writing the subject line. These necessary startup lines are the name and address of the recipient. We assume that you are aware of the basic format of a letter which is the same in all cases no matter whether it is a cover letter or some sick leave letter. A subject line represents that what is intended in the letter. In the case of the cover letter, the subject line can be written like “cover letter for the post of hotel manager” or there can be any other line depending upon the position for which you are applying to. One thing you must make sure of is that your subject line should be clear and easy to understand the main intention of the letter.
  3. Make greetings at the start: After writing the subject line, move to the next part of writing the main letter content. The content of a letter should always be started with some appropriate words which are usually greetings lines. When writing a cover letter, you need to make sure that you start writing the letter body with a good line to create a better first impression. It is always appreciated to start a cover letter with some salutations before writing the brief details of the letter.
  4. State the purpose of your letter: write down the main purpose of the letter in a brief manner after writing the initial greetings. We know that you already wrote the letter purpose in the subject line. But that was written in a compact and precise form. Here in the letter body, you need to write in a brief and more explanatory manner. State what made you write this letter. In the case of writing a cover letter, inform the recruiter about the source of the job first. Tell him/her how you came to know about the job post, and you are writing this letter in that regard. State that why exactly you want to apply for this specific job. If you think that you have some extraordinary skills and are a true combination for the mentioned job description, then you can also express your feelings that you consider yourself a perfect fit for this job. Tell the recipient to read the next content of the letter to see the validity of your words. 
  5. Write the letter body of the job application; this part contains the most important information required to be mentioned in a cover letter. this section must contain answers to the 5 W’s. Which are, how you came to know about the job, why you want to apply for this job, why you consider yourself a perfect fit, what are your expectations and skills, what are your qualifications, where did you work before, etc.
  6. All those questions must be answered here in a brief manner. It is not just about answering these questions, it is also about highlighting your skills and how you write the cover letter. You need to focus on the fact that you write your job application letter in such a way that it grabs the attention of the recruiter and he separates your application and considers you among the candidates to be interviewed. Write your experience here as well. Keep in mind that you do not exaggerate yourself or manipulate anything. 
  7. Mention what difference you have made to past companies or organizations where you have worked. Write in such a way that your words stand you on the top of all the applications. Do not go into unnecessary details which are not relevant to the job description. Try to relate your experience and qualifications to the job requirements.
  8. Write your expectations and your devotion to work: write in this section about your devotion to work. As you know that, it becomes easier for a person to work when he/she has interests in doing that work and enjoy it. Mention that you have a passion for the mentioned job hence you will not only be doing the job with enthusiasm but also a passion of yours will come true and you will be happy to work on it. Write what you expect from the organization in return and state what kind of output should the organization expect from you.
  9. Write your contact details: mention your contact details in case the recruiter wants to contact you for further purposes. Also, propose to them some dates and time duration when you are available to be interviewed. Mention your official email address as well. And tell them that you look forward to working with them.
  10. Thanks in advance: pay your kind regards to them for giving them a chance to apply for the job. Tell them that you highly expect from them and promise to work loyally once they hire you. Keep this part short and simple. 
  11. Pay acknowledgments and end with greetings: pay your acknowledgments and then end the cover letter with some appropriate greetings as well. You can also write down the contact of your references. 
  12. End the letter with your official signatures and date. 

This cover letter is submitted to the mentioned address along with the CV or resume (submit whatever is asked for). Make sure that you attach all the required documents along with the job application letter and resume. 

Check out this job application template for your reference, or browse through other useful job application letter templates here.

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