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Do you need an effective Diabetic Food? Download this professional Diabetic Food template now! 

This easy customizable Diabetic Food can be used for any kind of personal matter. We support you by providing this Diabetic Food template, which will save you time, cost and efforts and help you to reach a higher level of success in your life!

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Carbohydrates Recommended Foods Starches (1 serving = 80 calories and 15 grams carbohydrates)              1 serving = 1 slice of bread 1 small roll or muffin 1/2 bun 1/2 small bagel or English muffin 1/3 cup of pasta or rice 1/2 cup hot or ready-to-eat cereal 1/2 cup starchy vegetables 4 large or 6 small crackers 1 cup of soup 3 cups of popcorn 3 graham cracker squares 3/4 cup unsweetened, dry cereal 3 cups "lite" or low-fat popcorn        Recommended Number of Servings 3- 4 servings per meal (no more than 8-12 per day) whole-grain breads, rolls, muffins, or bagels pasta, rice, noodles oatmeal and bran cereals starchy vegetables (peas, corn, lima beans, and potatoes) dried beans (kidney beans, lentils) soup (broth and cream style) popcorn, pretzels, graham crackers, and vanilla wafers Fruits Recommended Foods (1 serving = 60 calories and 15 grams carbohdrates)    1 serving = 1/2 cup water-packed fruit 1 small piece of fruit (size of a tennis ball)  1/2 cup of fruit juice   fresh fruit unsweetened fruit juice canned fruit in natural juice or water Recommended Number of Servings 3 -4 servings per day Milk/Dairy Recommended Foods (1 serving 90-150 calories and 12 grams  carbohydrates) 1 serving =  1 cup mlik  6 ounces yogurt     fat-free, 1 percent or 2 percent milk low-fat buttermilk lactose-reduced or lactose-free milk soy milk "lite" yogurt Recommended Number of Servings 2- 3 servings per day Vegetables (non-starchy) Recommended Foods (1 serving = 25 calories and 5 grams carbohydrates)    1 serving = 1/2 cup cooked vegetables 1 cup raw vegetables any cooked or raw vegetables, except starchy vegetables (see starch list) Recommended Number of Servings 2- 3 servings per day Sweets/Desserts/Other Carbs Recommended Foods Sweets/Desserts/Other Carbs  (1 serving = 15 grams carbohydrates)     1/2 cup sugar-free pudding, custard, ice cream, or sherbet 2 small cookies 1 frozen juice bar 3 gingersnaps or small sugar-free cookies 1/4

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