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How to draft a Research Paper in MLA style? Why is the MLA style used for research papers? Get started on your document by downloading this Research Paper in MLA style template!

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How to draft a Research Paper in MLA style? Why is the MLA style used for research papers? Take a look at our sample template. It includes all the key elements of a research paper, including the title page, abstract, body, and bibliography. You can also find helpful tips on how to use the template. Get started on your document by downloading this Research Paper in MLA style template!

Every day brings new projects, emails, documents, and task lists, and often it is not that different from the work you have done before. Many of our day-to-day tasks are similar to something we have done before. Don't reinvent the wheel every time you start to work on something new!

We provide this standardized Modern Language Association (MLA) Style Format with all the information you know on how to format the document according to the MLA style, with text and formatting as a starting point to help professionalize the way you are communicating on paper. Scientists regularly need advanced templates, forms, spreadsheets, and often more than any other industry. Therefore, our website is updated every day with new suitable and up-to-date templates for your convenience. For example, this MLA Format Research Paper template can save you valuable time and can help you to reach the next level of success in your studies, research work.

What is the general format for MLA Resource Citations?

  1. Author/Editor/Compiler’s last name, first name. Add Ed. or Comp., if applicable (Editor or Compiler). The comma after the last name, the period after the complete name.
  2. Title and subtitle of short work (e.g. article or story) in quotation marks. Capitalize all significant words. Unless other closing punctuation, include a period before the closing quotation marks.
  3. Title and subtitle of complete work (e.g. book, journal, or website) italicized. Capitalize significant words.
  4. Volume and Issue numbers of periodical, if applicable. A period should separate these numbers. (ex:121.1)
  5. Publication information for books. (Location and publisher if available; colon separating them.) Ex: Cambridge: Harvard UP)
  6. For Website, publisher, or sponsor of the site, if available. (Ex: university, government agency)
  7. Date of publication. (or n.d. for “no date”) For journal articles, this should be year only and in parentheses.
  8. Pages or paragraphs of source, if numbered.
  9. Name of article database, if applicable. Italicized.
  10. For all resources, including the medium or format of the resource. (Ex: Web, Print)
  11. For online resources, date of access in this order: day Month year. (Ex: 1 June 2021.)
  12. Electronic address, in angle brackets < >, if your professor wants you to add the URL. If the URL is very long, list just the basic part of the site’s home page.

How do you write the title of an MLA Paper?

Every day brings new projects, emails, documents, and task lists, and often it is not that different from the work you have done before. By using Modern Language Association (MLA) standards, you are sure the reader will appreciate your work and won't be distracted by the formatting.

  1. MLA Paper Formatting Basics;
  2. Use white 8 ½  x 11” paper;
  3. Make 1-inch margins on the top, bottom, and sides;
  4. The first word in every paragraph should be indented one-half inch;
  5. Indent set-off quotations one inch from the left margin;
  6. Use any type of font that is easy to read, such as Times New Roman. Make sure that italics look different from the regular typeface;
  7. Use 12 point size;
  8. Double-space the entire research paper, even the works cited page;
  9. Leave one space after periods and other punctuation marks, unless your instructor tells you to leave two spaces;
  10. These guidelines come from the MLA Style Center’s web page “Formatting a Research Paper.”.
If time or quality is of the essence, this MLA Style tutorial and guidelines can help you to save time and to focus on the topics that really matter.

The Research Paper MLA Style 

Examples for the List of “Works Cited” and In-text Citation The Works Cited is an alphabetical list of all sources you consulted to write your paper.

These parenthetic citations are usually only authors’ last names and page references, which refer the reader to your alphabetical “List of Works Cited.” This method of citing sources is generally preferred to using endnotes or footnotes.

Example of in-text citation: (Record) Note: No page is needed because articles are alphabetical Encyclopedia – unsigned article “Sitting Bull.” Encyclopedia Americana.. Example of in-text citation: The doctor's group concluded thaT. Magazine Article – unsigned “Laughter and Stress.”

How do you do MLA format on Microsoft Word?

Academic writing requires the author to support their arguments with reference to other
published work or experimental results/findings. A reference system will perform three
essential tasks:

  • Enable you to acknowledge other authors' ideas (avoid plagiarism).
  • Enable a reader to quickly locate the source of the material you refer to so they can consult it if they wish.
  • Indicate to the reader the scope and depth of your research.
  • The Modern Language Association (MLA) style is a widely used referencing system to help
  • you achieve these objectives.

How do I use the Style?

The MLA system involves two tasks:
  • How you compile a list of reference sources at the end of your text (reference list).
  • How you refer to other authors in the body of your text (in-text citation).
  • Below is a list of some common citation types along with examples of how they are laid out within the MLA Style guidelines.
  • etc...

Using this MLA document template guarantees you will save time, cost, and effort! It comes in Microsoft Office format, is ready to be tailored to your personal needs. Completing your document has never been easier!

Download this Modern Language Association (MLA) Research Paper template that will perfectly suit your needs!

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