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Why do you need a mystery shopper evaluation form? What questions are typically included in various criteria that the mystery shopper needs? Download our sample template now!

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Why do you need a mystery shopper evaluation form? What questions are typically included in various criteria that the mystery shopper needs? We have a comprehensive mystery shopper evaluation form that can help you assess the quality of your business. It includes sections for rating customer service, store cleanliness, and more. Download our sample template now!

A Mystery Shopper Evaluation Sheet, also known as a Mystery Shopping Evaluation Form or simply a Mystery Shopper Form, is a document used by companies or organizations to assess and evaluate the performance of their employees or the quality of their products and services from a customer's perspective. Mystery shoppers, who are typically hired anonymously by the company, visit the business or interact with its services as regular customers. They then complete the evaluation sheet based on their observations and experiences.

This evaluation sheet typically includes various criteria and questions that the mystery shopper needs to assess and rate, such as:

  1. Customer Service: How friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable were the employees?
  2. Cleanliness: Was the environment clean and well-maintained?
  3. Product Knowledge: Did the employees have adequate knowledge about the products or services?
  4. Promptness: Were you served in a timely manner?
  5. Accuracy: Were your order and transaction handled correctly?
  6. Presentation: Were products or services presented attractively?
  7. Compliance: Did the business adhere to company policies or legal regulations?
  8. Overall Experience: What was your overall impression and satisfaction with the visit?

Mystery shoppers provide detailed feedback on these aspects and often include comments or suggestions for improvement. The collected data is then used by the company to identify areas of strength and weaknesses in their customer service or product quality and to make necessary improvements.

This mystery shopping template can be of service when you want to grow your sales by gaining more insight in your brand reputation, customer satisfaction, and experience of a visit. This report is suitable to measure the service performance of your store or practice by letting an anonymous Mystery guest / Mystery shopper perform an assessment on your venue. 

This Mystery Shopper Evaluation Sheet has easy-to-fill-in questions, and covers the following sections: 

  • Reservation Skills
  • Appearance
  • Client education
  • Service
  • Service Recovery
  • Environment
  • etc
Our Templates are screened and used by professionals. Download this Mystery Shopper Template and save yourself the time, costs, or effort now!

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