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How to make a Wedding Gift Tracker in Excel? Download this example Wedding Gift Tracker Excel spreadsheet template now!

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How to make a Wedding Gift Tracker in Excel? An easy way to create your spreadsheet is by downloading this example Wedding Gift Tracker Excel spreadsheet template now!

The wedding day is a typical day to send your best wishes to the new couple, and usually, people like to give different gifts to the new couple. However, you also want to make sure that each gift giver has been properly sent a “Thank You” card after the wedding. Your guest has taken the time and effort to give you something special, it’s only natural to want to show your gratitude. The Simple Wedding Gift Tracker is a way for you and your new spouse to casually list all your gifts and the thoughtful people that gave them to you. Use this Gift Tracker to thank all your wonderful wedding guests with ease!

How to Use the Simple Wedding Gift Tracker
You probably have a lot going on, planning a wedding and all. The Gift Tracker makes filling out this information stress-free and quick.

You can start entering a description for each gift once you receive it, under the “Gift Description” column. After the description, you can list the name of the person that gave you the gift.

These two pieces of information are all you need to enter on your wedding day. 
After your wedding, you can go through your list of gift descriptions and corresponding names then write thoughtful notes, thanking the person for their special present. When a “Thank You” card has been sent, you can enter a “yes” under the “Thank-You Card Sent” column to indicate you have accomplished the task.

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You will see that finishing such a Excel spreadsheet has never been easier!

Download this Wedding Gift Tracker Excel spreadsheet now!

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