Sales Inquiry Letter

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How to write a professional Sales Inquiry Letter? What is Sales inquiry letter and example?

We support you and your company by providing this Sales Inquiry Letter template, which will save your time, cost, and efforts and help you to reach the next level of success in your work, education, and business!

Business Sales inquiry letter questions:

Dear Mr./Mrs. {{Name}},
I would like to inquire about the consignment deals that your company offers. I am highly interested in {{PRODUCT(S)}} and have a wealth of knowledge about this product through seminars I have attended.
I am a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in sales and I hope to become an entrepreneur.  I am planning to start my own business and open a local department store. I will be selling men’s and women’s in {{PRODUCT(S) and accessories, among which will be in {{PRODUCT(S). I have read a lot about your products, and they have been highly reviewed by magazines and customers.  
I visited one of your shops and was impressed by the style and quality of your products. Please provide me a brochure and details of your sales packages. Please send such materials to:
Attention: {{Name}}
I thank you in advance and look forward to studying the materials you send me, and I am hoping to do business with you soon.
Thank you.

What should be included in a letter of inquiry?

Such an inquiry letter should be written like a standard business letter, and should not normally exceed one page. In recent years, letters of inquiry have become an important part of the fundraising process. Many foundations now prefer that funding requests be submitted first in letter format instead of a full proposal. Others are using preliminary letters of inquiry to determine if they have an interest in a project before accepting a full proposal. In either instance, it is important to recognize that a well-written letter of inquiry is crucial to securing funding for your project. An effective letter of inquiry is often more difficult to write than a full proposal.

The letter of inquiry should be brief—no more than three pages—and must be a succinct but thorough presentation of the need or problem you have identified, the proposed solution, and your organization's qualifications for implementing that solution. The letter of inquiry should be addressed to the appropriate contact person at a foundation or to its CEO and should be sent by regular mail. 

Not unlike a grant proposal, the letter of inquiry should include
  • an introduction;
  • a description of your organization;
  • a statement of need;
  • your methodology;
  • a brief discussion of other funding sources;
  • and a final summary. 

The introduction serves as the executive summary for the letter of inquiry and includes the name of your organization, the amount needed or requested, and a description of the project. The qualifications of project staff, a brief description of the evaluative methodology, and a timetable are also included here. This should not exceed one paragraph. 

The organization description should be concise and focus on the ability of your organization to meet the stated need. Provide a very brief history and description of your current programs while demonstrating a direct connection between what is currently being done and what you wish to accomplish with the requested funding. You will flesh this section out in greater detail if you are invited to submit a full proposal. 

The statement of need is an essential element of the letter of inquiry and must convince the reader that there is an important need that can be met by your project. The statement of need includes a description of the target population and geographical area, appropriate statistical data in abbreviated form, and several concrete examples. 

The methodology should be appropriate to your statement of need and present a clear, logical, and achievable solution to the stated need. Describe the project briefly, including major activities, names and titles of key project staff, and your desired objectives. As with the organization description, this will be presented in far greater detail in a full proposal. 

The final summary restates the intent of the project, affirms your readiness to answer further questions, and thanks to the potential funder for its consideration. 

This blank product inquiry letter template has ways to grab your potential suppliers' attention. It's written in an intuitive and logical way. 

Download this RFI Sales Inquiry Letter template now!

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