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Download this Children daycare meal menu if you are a manager or owner and you need a nice template to give to the parents of the childeren at your daycare.

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Are you looking for a healthy meal menu based on recommended dietary allowance? 

The Child Care Commission approved the use of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) meal patterns as the minimum amount of food that can be served to comply with the licensing standards for adequate nutrition. The Recommended Dietary Allowance is based on the age, sex, weight, and height of an individual.

Many factors can affect the ideal weight; the major factors are listed below. 

In theory, age shouldn't be a large determinant of an IBW past the ages of 14-15 for girls and 16-17 for boys, after which most people stop growing. It is actually expected that human males and females to lose 1.5 and 2 inches in height respectively by age 70. It is important to remember that as people age, lean muscle mass decreases and it is easier to accumulate excess body fat. This is a natural process, though it is possible to lessen the effects of aging by adopting various habits such as monitoring diet, exercise, stress, and sleep.

Generally, females weigh less than males even though they naturally have a higher percentage of body fat. This is because the male body generally has higher muscle mass, and muscle is heavier than fat. Not only that, but women generally have lower bone density. Last but not least, males tend to be taller than females.

The taller the person, the more muscle mass and body fat they have, which results in more weight. A male at a similar height to a female should weigh about 10-20% heavier.

What’s the ideal weight to follow when you use Meal Menus?
It’s a pretty normal question for most men and women. Knowing your ideal weight can help you make healthy choices for fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle. Use this ideal weight calculator to find out the ideal weight for someone your height. How much a person should weigh is not an exact science. It is highly dependent on each individual. Thus far, there is no measure, be it IBW, body mass index (BMI), or any other that can definitively state how much a person should weigh to be healthy. They are only references, and it's more important to adhere to making healthy life choices such as regular exercise, eating a variety of unprocessed foods, getting enough sleep, etc. than it is to chase a specific weight based on a generalized formula.

After downloading and filling in the blanks in this easy-to-use this Meal Menu Patterns Daycare template, you can customize every detail and appearance of your Monthly Menu and finish in minutes. 

Our free templates for children's daycare programs are all used by professionals in the industry.  Download our Meal Menu Patterns Daycare template and finish your new to be introduced food menu based on recommended dietary allowance based on age, sex, weight, the height of an individual.

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