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How to create a toilet cleaning procedure? Are you looking for a structural solution to keep the public restrooms clean? Download this printable Toilet Cleaning Checklist if you are managing sanitary facilities and need to log cleaning activities.

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How to create a toilet cleaning procedure? Are you looking for a structural solution to keep the public restrooms clean? Download this free printable Toilet Cleaning Checklist template now and start delegating the tasks to your employees!

We provide a template that will enable you to ensure that the public restroom or toilet is clean, which is very important. This toilet cleaning schedule template is available for free and easy to download as a structural solution. This easy to use toilet cleaning checklist will help you to manage your cleaning staff. This toilet cleaning checklist clearly shows what needs to be cleaned and when. It includes clear supervisor inspection moments to show a sense of authority. Cleaning personnel needs to sign off each row and state what item has been cleaned or has been stocked. 

The following steps for properly cleaning your toilet rooms:

No matter what size the restroom is, if it’s a large or smaller surface, it shouldn’t take much time if you prepare the cleaning in advance with the right materials. Follow the following steps and you can have your restroom looking clean and brand new in a short time:

1. For commercial Public restrooms, it’s important to block the entrance, or at least put up ‘wet floor signs’. Make sure to place the signage on top of the wet floor, inside the Public restroom and at the entrance and make anyone aware that the floor is slippery.

2. Dust, sweep, and empty the trash cans: make sure to dust all the Public restroom fixtures, countertops, exhausts, openings, etc. before you start with cleaning and general sweeping the floor surface. Then empty the dust bins and trash cans and put in a new trash bags.

3. Check all disposable items. Refill if necessary the paper towels, sanitary napkins, soap and toilet paper dispensers so users will have access to the hygiene and sanitation products.

4. Clean urinals and toilets: to make sure you get the best results, pre-treat the toilet bowls and inside the urinals first (with hot water for example) and allow the cleaner to leave it for one to two minutes. Then, make sure to clean all the toilets and urinals thoroughly both inside and out.

5. Clean countertops, sinks, and mirrors: there should be no stains, fatty fingerprints, water spots, soap buildup, or other visuals when you are finished.

6. Clean walls and fixtures: wipe down the walls, doors, knobs, Public restroom dividers, and other fixtures.

7. Mop the floors: with a wet mop, work your way from the back of the restroom toward the door. Allow the floor to dry completely before opening the restroom to guests to prevent any unwanted injury.

Now that you know all the steps to make a Public restroom clean in a professional way. Use this Public restroom cleaning checklist to implement the structure that all these necessary steps are done on a weekly basis and checked on a weekly basis to ensure that your public or private restrooms are absolutely clean. By successful implementation, you can see that your facility will stay free of germs, mud, and bacteria. Follow through on this regular restroom cleaning schedule to help keep your Public restrooms spotless and clean.

This cleaning schedule template is intuitive, ready-to-use, easy-to-modify and structured in a smart way, which will help you to structure the cleaning activities and to ensure regular and proper cleaning in an ordered fashion way. It can be used for writing down notes, details regarding the time schedule, which parts need to be cleaned and by who.

This restroom cleaning checklist will help you to manage your cleaning staff. They include clear supervisor inspection moments as well to show a sense of authority. Cleaning personnel needs to sign off each row and state what item has been cleaned or has been stocked. From taking down remarks on maintenance works and noting down the details regarding the timings and days on which specific parts would be cleaned, the top bathroom cleaning schedule template is a must have for all. You can use the attractive and much more useful best bathroom cleaning schedule templates by taking a printout as an accompaniment while cleaning and follow the previous notes and things to do with ease.

Using this checklist guarantees you will save time, cost and efforts!

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