One Page Interview Agenda

What are the most common job interview questions that force you to tell more about yourself? Check out this professional interview questions list in order to prepare for the next job interview.

We support you in your preparation for the job interview as an interviewer, by providing this 1 Page Interview Agenda template, which will help you to hold the perfect job interview.

This list of questions will save you or your HR department time, cost and efforts and help you to make sure you will be able to hold a professional job interview.

This One Page Interview Agenda consists of questions that will grab your interviewee's attention. The sharp questions are created by HR professionals, intelligently structured and easy-to-navigate through. Pay close attention to the most important interview questions that fit your needs.     

Download this One Page Interview Agenda with Questions template now!

Tell Me About Yourself (Be able to say this in 2 minutes, and be sure it relates to the job): 3- 5 Key Relevant Skills to Emphasize: 3- 5 Key Related Experiences that demonstrate the key competencies sought: (Be prepared to describe a problem/ situation addressed, the steps you took to solve it, and the results achieved.) Why do you want the job (Show that you’ve really put some thought into this it’s not just about the money or the promotion.) What are Your Long Term Goals (Include how the role applied for will help you reach those goals.) Five powerful questions you want to ask during the interview (based on your research of the company): You can take this to the interview to review while you are in the waiting room, or to refer to if absolutely necessary.

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