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The rest of the drive home was images of us from when I used to work with you at the coffee shop to when I came home and visited you from school to when we went on an adventure in the forest together to when we went sledding to when we used to smoke and eat tuna spaghetti together to when we would lay and look at each other and make mouse noises to when you would make fun of the way that I consistently used interesting to when you would stick out your lower lip and ask to watch more venture brothers to when we watched that scary movie in theaters and you slept over because neither of us could sleep, to when we would drive out to pouley rd and lay on the car hood and look at the stars to when we went camping together to when we drove to missouri at three in the morning to when we were there and fishing and swimming and tanning together to when we went to parties together to when we got the super soaker backpacks and played with those and then to your sisters wedding which was really the beginning of the true end to us..

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