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Curriculum unit for OUR FAMILY TREE: AN EVOLUTION STORY, OUR FAMILY TREE is a family album.. Lesson 1: The Way Back Time Machine Lesson 2: Imaginary Prehistoric Critters Lesson 3: Book Prep/Read Aloud Lesson 4: Personal Timeline and Earth Timeline Lesson 5: "Timeline Survivor" Board Game Lesson 6: Adapting to the Future Lesson 7: A Family Album Lesson 8: Review, Choral Reading and Final Presentation LESSON 1 - The Way Back Time Machine Activity - Teacher will lead students through a visual imagery activity, imagining time travel into the deep past.. Discuss considerations for drawing this picture: How can you show the inside and the outside of the animal on one piece of paper (students will probably suggest drawing a line in the middle of the paper) Which way should this line go (depending on the kind of animal, it may be better to do it widthwise or on a diagonal) How big should the animal be drawn in order to show good detail What might some of the details be (fur, scales, etc.) How can you draw an animal from the inside What kind of details may be on the inside of the animal What kind of medium would work best for this drawing (You could have the students choose what medium they would use, or decide on one.. These ideas could be used to write poetry or riddles, as follows: On the outside frisky and furry On the inside skeleton and spine On the outside long-tailed and four-pawed On the inside, brains and nerves 5 On the outside, hurrying and hoarding On the inside, worried that winter will come too soon (a squirrel) This may lead to a discussion of whether or not animals and plants have emotions, which in turn could lead to further research (you ll never convince kids that animals do not think and feel ).. Possible hazards along the way: volcano erupts asteroid hits comet hits climate heats up climate cools off sea level rises sea le

Make a family genogram (family picture) that includes three generations of your family with you at the base of the genogram. Include everyone who is part of your family, whether by blood or relationship; include such things as dates of birth, death, marriage/domestic partnering, separation, and divorce. Then begin to include other pertinent information such as occupations, levels of education, substance use/abuse histories, histories of trauma, religious affiliations, mental illnesses, locations, and relocations. Other relevant dynamics may also be included, as they are deemed useful to you or your therapist. Some people find it useful to speak with family members in order to learn more about their family history.

Follow these steps when compiling your personal Genogram for your family:

  1. Introduce the Genogram/Family Tree to the people that are involved (family);
  2. Use standard shapes, such as squares for Males, Circles for Females, triangles for unborn children, miscarriages & abortions (if applicable). Connect with lines for relationships.  
  3. You can begin at the bottom with the client family or the top with the Great Grandparents or oldest know relatives.
  4. Ask for as much information as the client can provide: birthdays, dates of marriages, divorces, or death.
  5. For living relatives ask if there was ever a reason I would need to contact him/her how could I reach them (address, phone #)
  6. Inquire about themes and family patterns: serial relationships, drug/alcohol dependency, violence, etc.
  7. Also look for strengths: lasting marriages, education, and cultural ties.
  8. Put age inside the symbol and date of birth to the side or off to the side.  
  9. Use exact dates of marriage, divorce, and separation if available.
  10. Put children in order of birth—oldest to the left. 
  11. You can download these examples to assist you.

Please have a look at it and you might even discover this template has a slightly different perspective and can be very helpful.

Download this Family Tree Timeline template now and make life a little easier!

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