HSK5 Chinese Exam with Audio and Answer #H51328

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Download this HSK 5 PDF Chinese Test Exam, with Audio and Answers HSK5 PDF nr H51328 Exam in order to enable yourself to master your Chinese language skills on HSK level 5.

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Are you planning to achieve your Chinese HSK 5 Certificate and looking for an example test exam including answers? This HSK5 H51328 Chinese test is one of the most important learning tools to learn the Chinese language according to HSK5 standard. Chinese is becoming very important in business, and thats why we as Allbusinesstemplates were providing you with these study materials. Download this HSK5 PDF Chinese test exam now!

This HSK5 PDF # H51328 Mandarin Chinese characters test is suitable for those with a "high-performance mindset” and is often using professional education templates to achieve their goals faster!

This HSK5 test words list or Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì, 汉语 水平 考试) vocabulary list is the name for the international Chinese standard test to check how well someone has mastered the Chinese language correctly. It is also known as the "Chinese TOEFL".

There are two variants for this HSK 5 test: HSK written and HSK oral (also HSKK, or Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǒuyǔ Kǎoshì (汉语 水平 口语 考试), and the written HSK test assesses the skills of listening, reading, and from level 3 also writing is included. HSK tests also the oral fluency. For oral HSK there are three levels: beginner (corresponding to HSK1-2), medium (corresponds to HSK3-4) and advanced (corresponds to HSK5-6).

Unlike TOEFL there are separate tests for each level. Another difference is that you are passing the tests if your score is a higher score than 60%: The exact outcome is less important. Another difference is that for each level published a dictionary that contains all the words to know. The test uses only these words for the respective level. 

Now, each level builds off of the previous level, so level 6 includes all the words from level HSK1 to level HSK5 as well. Level HSK5 contains all the words of level HSK4, HSK3, HSK2 and HSK1.

For HSK5 one must know 2.500 words.

HSK level 5
HSK5 (ERK level C1, amount of words: 2500, Exam duration: 120 min)
Listening (played once assignments). 
All Chinese characters as mentioned in this list under HSK5

Nowadays it's more important in business to learn the Chinese language as well. For those who are eager to study Chinese for business purposes, our website is providing you with the best study materials in order to help you to reach the next level (HSK5) of success in your work and business.

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