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How do you release liability on a car? Download this Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability (NRL) from Department of Motorcycle Vehicles (DMV).

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How do you release liability on a car?

This Department of Motorcycle Vehicles (DMV) Release of Liability is relevant when you just sold your vehicle? If so, it's important to complete a Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability (NRL) to let DMV knows that you are no longer responsible for parking/traffic violations or civil or criminal actions associated with the vehicle after the date of sale.

Before you begin to fill out your DMV Release of Liability, make sure:
  • you will need the new owner’s name and address;
  • have the license plate number and last five digits of the vehicle identification number (VIN) handy.
  • have the vehicle odometer reading as of the sale or transfer date.
  • be prepared to print the confirmation you receive after submitting the NRL (if you wish to keep a copy for your own records).

Also, look into the DMV Statement of Facts is a complex form, with a couple of  sections, like:

  • Statement of use tax exemption. the filer must designate the reasons why this transfer is exempt from the use tax, (for example transfer between family members, gift, court order, inheritance);
  • Statement for smog exemption. state why the motorcycle vehicle doesn't require smog certification.
  • Statement for transfer only or title only. If a car has not been used or parked the owner can apply for: title only or transfer only;
  • Window decal for wheelchair carrier or wheelchair lift. Individuals with Disabled Person License Plate, or a Disabled Veteran License Plate, or a Permanent Disabled Person Parking Placard, can apply for a window decal for their vehicle;
  • Vehicle body change statement. The vehicle's unladen weight, motive power, body type, or number of axles, must report it by completing this section. Ownership certificate required;
  • Name statement. applying for a correction of a misspelling mistake in their name;
  • Statement of facts. Applicants can use this section to make a statement that everything mentioned in this document is true and correct.
  • According to the REG 256 Instructions, an applicant must fill out the first section dedicated to the vehicle description, and the appropriate section mentioned above, include:
    • license plate number (or a CF number),
    • vehicle (or vessel) ID number, 
    • year and make. 
    • applicant's signature.
    • full name, 
    • date,
    • daytime telephone number.

The types that a filer should complete depends on the subject of their application.

Once you have completed the form, you can submit it online or via their official website of the California DMV or file it personally in their local DMV office.

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