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Landlord Tenant Resource Center EVICTING UNWANTED GUESTS SELF-HELP PACKET This Self-Help Packet includes: • • • • • • • Frequently Asked Questions About Evicting Guests, Roommates, Family Members, and Other Unwanted Occupants from Your Home Sample Landlord and Tenant Summons and Complaint for Possession of Real Property Landlord and Tenant Summons (Form 1S) Landlord and Tenant Complaint for Possession of Real Property (Form 1B) Instructions for Service Affidavit of Service Application to Proceed without Prepayment of Costs or Fees Instructions: • • • • • Read the Frequently Asked Questions.. Rent for the property of which Plaintiff seeks possession is subsidized by the federal or local government ‰ yes ‰ If the rent is subsidized, answer all of the following: What amount of rent, if any, is due from the tenant per month ________ What amount of rent, if any, is due from the subsidy program per month ________ Is the rent amount alleged due for any month listed in the complaint over and above the tenant’s portion of the rent for that month ‰ yes ‰ no Has the subsidy program failed to pay its portion of the rent for any of the months at issue in this case ‰ yes ‰ no Therefore, Plaintiff asks the Court for: (check all that apply) ✔ Judgment for possession of the property described with no right to redeem the tenancy (non-redeemable judgment) ‰ and costs taxed by the Clerk.. Email Address (required only for attorneys) Costs of this suit to date are __________ Costas a la fecha 如需翻译,请打电话 (202) 879-4828 Veuillez appeler au (202) 879-4828 pour une traduction 번역을 원하시면, (202) 879-4828 로 전화주십시요 የAማርኛ ትርጉም ለማግኘት (202) 879-4828 ይደውሉ Để có một bài dịch, hãy gọi (202) 879-4828 IMPORTANT INFORMATION - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU COME TO COURT: Contact one of these agencies for legal assistance or look on to learn about settlement options, legal defenses, presenting your case and more information about your rights as a tenant before your court date: Neighbor

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