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How do I write a visa invitation letter? Check out this sample invitation letter for business visa now for your reference.

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How to formally invite a friend abroad for a visit? How do I write a visa invitation letter? 

When applying for a visa, it’s common to show a formal invitation letter that confirms the visit, period and relationship. If a friend or family member applies for the visit, this sample visa invitation letter can help you. It’s generally written, so it’s a useful starting point when you want to apply a visa for a particular country. The quality of the letter is important and might impact the decision for rejection or acceptance of the visa application, especially whether or not the letter and documents meet the terms of the countries’ immigration law. Therefore, make sure that the letter is written in good faith. Honesty is important and will be rewarded. Therefore the facts that you are writing in the letter are important. This is a set of sample invitation letters which include lots of information like, formal last and first name, date of birth, address(es) of places where you stay, email and telephone number, job title ,where the person will stay and how he or she will manage to pay for things and when the person plans to leave the country.

When drafting an inviting letter for a visa, for a person or family, it's good to follow the procedures that are provided by the countries embassy or consulate website. You need to check carefully what documents are requested in order to successfully apply for a visa, to visit the country.

Visa invitation letter sample:

Dear {{Name}}, 
Letter of Invitation for {{Visitor’s Name}}: Passport No: {{Passport No}}
Dear {{Visitor’s Name}},
As a follow-up to our phone conversation, please take this as a formal invitation to visit me in {{country}}. It’s been a long time since I last saw you {{use a word that would describe your relationship: mom / dad / sister / my friend / my love etc.}} and I am full of excitement that you will finally be able to meet all the people who have made my stay in {{country}} so beautiful.
While you are here, I will be responsible for your accommodation, feeding, and movement around {{country}} from the day you arrive from {{Visitor’s Home country}} on {{Entry Date}} until the day you leave on {{Date of Exit}}. Herewith I am sending all the required documents for getting the necessary visa from the {{country}} Embassy. Can’t wait to meet you here...

You can download the below visa invitation letter, which is potentially a great letter to customize according to your requirements.

Check out this sample invitation letter for business visa now for your reference.

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Guest: I want to invite my boyfriend from Brazil but I don't know how to go about it anyone to help me please on invitation letter
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