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De beste manier om een Brief of Weigering Rent-aanvraagformulier te maken? Check direct dit professionele Brief of Weigering Rent-aanvraagformulier template!

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How to write a letter of denial for rent to an applicant as an owner or agent? How to deny a tenant to rent? Download our formal Letter of Denial Rent Application Form about rental agreement if you want to officially state the denial.

A rental application can be denied by a landlord or agent on the basis of a report given by a consumer reporting Agency and/or on the basis of the information obtained from other sources.

If the rental application has been denied on the basis of information obtained from other sources then you have a right under the Fair Credit Reporting Act to make a written request within 60 days from the receipt of this notice regarding the nature of this information. As per federal law you are prohibited from disclosing the source of this information.

If your application has been denied on the basis of information obtained from a consumer reporting Agency/Agencies  then  you have the right under the Fair Credit Reporting Act to make a written request within 60 days from the receipt of this notice, to obtain a free report from an Agency.

This Letter of Denial Rent Application Form template covers most of the important reasons and will help you to structure and communicate in a professional way with your applicants and potential tenants. 
Reasons for denial rent application based on information consumer report agency or obtained from other sources:

  • Application was incomplete;
  • You were party to an eviction;
  • Employment details were insufficient
  • Landlord details were insufficient;
  • You were party to a bankruptcy;
  • Undisclosed pet details;
  • Insufficient income to meet qualifying standard
  • Low credit score;
  • References were insufficient;
  • Terms of lease not acceptable;
  • Debt to income ratio too high;
  • Multiple lease applications were received;
  • Negative report from employer;
  • Owner chose another applicant;
  • Negative report from previous landlord;
  • Pets are not accepted by owner;
  • Report of overdue debts and obligations;
  • Your pet/pets have caused injury or damage;
  • Negative rental history;
  • Premises is no longer available tor rent;
  • Negative credit report;
  • Other reasons.
This formal letter of denial template is created and screened by legal professionals. You can send this formal notice to your tenant to make them understand there is an issue that leads to the fact you cannot rent the house to him/her. 
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