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De beste manier om een Verkooppresentatieagenda te maken? Check direct dit professionele Verkooppresentatieagenda template!

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How to make a professional Sales Presentation Agenda? Download this Sales Presentation Agenda Sales template now!

Great sales efforts can make a business! However, the opposite is also true. Therefore, it's important to take your sales serious right from the start. Certainly, have a look at this Sales Presentation Agenda. This sales template will capture your audience's attention. 

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Using this Sales Presentation Agenda template guarantees that you will save time, cost and efforts and enables you to grow the business faster! After downloading and filling in the blanks, you can easily customize e.g. visuals, typography, details, and appearance of your Sales Presentation Agenda.

Download this Sales Presentation Agenda template now!

Sales  Presentation  Training  Agenda     Preparing  Your  Presentation:   • How  to  create  an  environment  that  is  conducive  to  connecting  and   conversing  rather  than  to  selling  and  presenting   • 3  stories  you  need  to  tell  to  lower  defenses,  capture  attention,  and  build  trust   • 7  questions  you  need  to  ask  to  make  sure  the  information  you  present  is  on   target   • The  magic  formula  to  structure  your  presentation  to  make  it  compelling   • 3  rules  to  get  the  most  out  of  PowerPoint   • What  to  cover  if  the  prospect  hasn’t  allowed  you  to  do  discovery  before  the   presentation     Presenting:   • 6  steps  you  can  take  to  manage  the  one  thing  that  is  interfering  with  your   ability  to  look  good  and  sound  intelligible     Handling  Curve  Balls:   • How  to  use  the  philosophy  of  Ju-­‐jitsu  to  manage  objections   • What  to  do  if  you  get  thrown  a  curve  ball  (meeting  purpose  or  available  time   has  changed)     This  workshop  is  2  days  (1  day  for  small  groups)..

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