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Download this Sublease Agreement template and after downloading you will be able to change and customize every detail and appearance and finish it in minutes.

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Are you considering to sign a Sublease Agreement and need a professional template to arrange the lease successfully? Download this professional Sublease Agreement template now!

This Sublease Agreement is suitable for arranging legally the sublease between the Sublessor of the house and the current long term tenant. This thoroughly crafted 24 pages counting Sublease Agreement contains the topics, such as:

  • Description of the Premises
  • Term of sublease
  • Acceptance of Leased Premises
  • Holding over
  • Sublease termination and condition of premises
  • Rent
  • Security Deposit
  • Payment of Rent
  • Delinquent Payments
  • Use of Premises
  • Utilities and Taxes
  • Maintenance and Alterations
  • Indemnity and Insurance
  • Signs and Trade Fixtures
  • Condemnation and Destruction
  • Subleasing, Assignment, Default, and Termination
  • Estoppel
  • Force Majeure 
  • Unavoidable Delays
  • Notices
  • Amendments
  • Accord and Satisfaction
  • No Agency created
  • Brokerage commission
  • Sole and Only Agreement
  • Severability and Governing Law
  • Construction and Headings
  • Effect of Execution
  • Inurement
  • Time of Essence
  • No light, Air or View easement
  • Triple Net Lease
  • Authority
  • Survival
  • Waiver
  • Recordation
  • Transfer of Master Lease
  • Subordination, Attornment
  • No Merger
  • Right of Sub Lessor to Perform
  • Modification for Lender
  • Sub lessor's Personal Liability
  • Breach by Landlord
  • Survival of Indemnities
  • Option to Renew
  • Meaning of Consent
  • Quiet Enjoyment
  • Master Lease
  • etc

In order to rapidly finish the sublease agreement, you need to get clear on paper exactly what it is that you want. Our template will help you structure your thoughts on every detail in a professional way! This Sublease is a suitable rental agreement sample that covers all topics that need to be agreed upon between the Sublessor and Sublessee.  Our templates have helped many people to set up their sublease agreement.

Download this professional Sublease Agreement template now! Fast, safe, and easy! If you are looking for other rental agreements check this topic.

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