Household Budget Worksheet

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These cells hold the formulas behind the chart.",, PART 1: MONTHLY INCOME,Estimated,Actual, Person 1: List monthly income for all full part time jobs,3000,3000, Person 2: List monthly income for all full part time jobs,1000,1000, Person 1: Unemployment Insurance (if applicable ),0,0, Person 2: Unemployment Insurance (if applicable ),0,0, Other: Child Support,0,0, Other: Tax Credits,0,0, Other: Incoming Rent for rental property,1000,1000, Other: List other income you d like to track,500,500, TOTALS (Automatically Calculated),5500,5500, ,, PART 2: MONTHLY EXPENSE,Estimated,Actual, Mortgage / Rent,1000,1000, Home Equity Loan / Line Of Credit,0,0, Home Insurance,25,25, Credit Card 1,100,100, Credit Card 2,75,75, Credit Card 3,45,45, Credit Card 4 (add as many as you need to),25,25, Car Payment,200,200, Car Insurance,65,65, Parking ,50,50, Tolls,80,80, Gasoline,60,120, Subway,0, Health Insurance,45,45, Cable /Satellite TV,55,55, Internet Access,60,60, Phone Bill,0,0, Mobile Phone Bill(s),35,95, Daycare/Babysitting/Eldercare,0,45, Groceries,100,210, Pet care,0,20, Gym Membership,0,0, Heating,25,25, Electric Bill,50,80, Water Bill,25,30, Lawn Care,0,0, Unplanned: Vet Bill,250, Unplanned: Dinner party,70, Unplanned: Car repairs,2550, Unplanned: Parking Ticket,75, Unplanned: Dishwasher repair,450, Other,0, TOTALS (Automatically Calculated),2120,5845, ,, PART 3: RESULTS (Automatically Generated from Parts 1 2 Above),Estimated,Actual, TOTAL MONTHLY INCOME,5500,5500, TOTAL MONTHLY EXPENSE,2120,5845, "VARIANCE (This is how much over, or under, your budget you are.)",3380,-345,"If this number is positive, good work You re spending less than you re earning..

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