Business Plan To-Do-List

Do you need an inspiring Business Plan To-Do-List to start your business? We provide a comprehensive Business Plan To-Do-List template that suits your needs! 

the first blow is half the battle! Having a strategy and being prepared is nowadays of vital importance to become successful in business. Nowadays the internet creates more transparency in markets, people learn quicker, which makes the current players more competitive. If you want to grow a business, you need to have a good business plan. 

Besides this, if you are looking for investors in your current business, this  Business Plan To-Do-List might inspire you to finish a plan faster. 

By using this Business Plan To-Do-List, you will take a head start and you will see you will save time, increase your effectiveness and increase your chance to become successful.

Download this inspiring Business Plan To-Do-List template now!

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Industry Definition Describe the Nature of the Industry Detail the Size of the Industry Total Sales in Dollars Detail the Industry Growth Rate Address the Industry Trends Address Industry Seasonality Address Industry Trade Shows and Conventions Address Industry Opportunities Address Industry Threats Primary Competitors Identify Your Major Competitors Compare Your Major Competitors with Your Business Price, Target Market, Location, Hours, Online, Features, Value Added Services, Warranties, Partners, Advertising Promotions, Distribution, Suppliers Compare the Strengths Weaknesses of Your 3 Major Competitors with Your Business Market Size Detail the Size of the Target Market for the Business Total Sales in Dollars Summarize Target Market Studies Market Growth Detail the Target Market Growth Rate Address the Target Market Trends Customer Profile Describe the Customer Profile of the Target Market Identify the Target Market by Geography International, National, Regional, or Local Discuss Who makes the Buying Decision Discuss Why the Buyer makes the Purchase Decision Identify Major Customers Anyone Who Purchases 10 or More of Total Sales MARKETING PLAN You need to discuss the competitive advantages and weaknesses of the business in this section.. Show the 3-Year Summary Balance Sheet Investor Proposal = 5 Years Cash Plan Detail Cash Sales Estimate Detail Credit Sales Estimate Detail Accounts Receivable Credit Terms, Collection Days Document Source Discuss Days Inventory needed at all Times Detail Supplier Terms Detail New Borrowings Detail New Equity Infusions, Dividends, and/or Distributions Show the 3-Year Summary Cash Plan Investor Proposal = 5 Years APPENDICES The following is a list of items recommended for inclusion in the appendices: Monthly Balance Sheet – Years 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Monthly Profit Loss – Years 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Monthly Cash Plan –

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