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How to create a order form template sample spreadsheet? The best way is by downloading this sample order form template sample Excel template now!

This Excel spreadsheet is an interactive digital worksheet in tabular form and designed to organize information and perform calculations with scalable entries. It's not a matter of being a beginner or professional, from all over the world, are now using spreadsheets to create tables, calculations, comparisons, overviews, etc for any personal or business need.

This useful worksheet in Excel will make the task a little easier and can be used for organization, analysis, accounting and storage of data in order to increase your productivity. This order form template sample gives you a headstart and is useful because it also has the basic formula’s included. If time and quality are of the essence, this worksheet can certainly help you out! 

Download this order form template sample Excel spreadsheet directly to your computer, open it, modify it or print it directly. You'll see it is a great way to increase your productivity and to bring your task to a successful ending!

NO:, Project NO:,,,,Date:, ,Prime Contractor:,,,, ,,,,, ,Description of Change:,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,, ,Prime Contractor Direct Costs,,,, ,Additive Costs,,,, A,Labor,,,, B,Material,,,, C,Equipment,,,, ,,,,, D,Subtotal of Additive Cost,,,,0 ,,,,, ,Deductive Costs (Use parenthesis to denot negative figures),,,, E,Labor,,,, F,Material,,,, G,Equipment,,,, ,,,,, H,Subtotal of Deductive Cost,,,,0 ,,,,, I,Contractor s Total Direct Cost (D+H),,,,0 ,,,,, J,General Contractor s Mark-up,,,, ,,,,, K,Total Prime Contractor Direct Costs + Mark-up (Line I + J),,,,0 ,,,,, L,Total Subcontractor Direct Costs,,,, ,,,,, M,Subcontractor Mark-up,,,, ,,,,, N,General Contractor s Mark-up on Subcontractor Direct Costs,,,, ,,,,, O,Total General Contractor Change Request (Lines K + L + M + N),,,,0 ,,,,, ,,,,, ,"To the best of my knowledge and belief, I certify that all costs listed abve are correct.",,,, ,,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,, ,Contractor Signature,,,Date,.

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