Administrative Standard Operating Procedure

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Business Administrator/ Board Secretary Board Approval Date: 
TITLE/SOURCE Table of Contents Preface Internal Controls 
Chapter 1 – Internal Control Document 
Chapter 2 - Evaluating Internal Controls 
Chapter 3 - Communicating Staff Members Roles 
Chapter 4 – Cash Controls 
Chapter 5 – Payroll Controls Section II: Accounting: 
Chapter 1 - General Ledger 
Chapter 2 - Use of Facilities 
Chapter 3 - Inventory/Disposal of Obsolete Equipment 
Chapter 4 - Acceptance of Gifts 
Chapter 5 - Inventory/Equipment 
Chapter 6 - Sales Tax Exemption Qualifications II-1.1-1.2 II-2.1-2.2 II-3.1 II-4.1 II-5.1 II-6.1 
Section III: Cash Management: 
Chapter 1 - Petty Cash Fund 
Chapter 2 - Student Activity Funds 
Chapter 3 – Athletic Funds 
Chapter 4 – Pay Procedures 
Chapter 5 – Coding of Budget Accounts III-1.1 III-2.1-2.2 III-3.1 III-4.1-4.2 III-5.1 
Section IV: Budget Process: 
Chapter 1 – Budget Development Process 
Chapter 2 – Budget Transfers 
Chapter 3 – Grant Application Procedure IV-1.1 IV-2.1 IV-3.1 
Section V: Position Control 
Chapter 1 – Position Control – General V-1.1-1.5 
Section VI: Purchasing: 
Chapter 1 – Purchasing Procedures/Bidding and Quotations 
Chapter 2 – g Procedures/Def.. Affiliation/Expense Reimbursement 
Chapter 10 – Professional Services Legal Services 
Chapter 11 – Professional Services Authorized Services 
Chapter 12 – Expenditure Controls Maintenance Service Contracts 
Chapter 13 – Expenditure Controls Maintenance Computer WO Systems Section VII: Facilities Including Administration of Work and Health and Safety 
Chapter 1 – Facilities (includes administration of work and health and Safety 
Chapter 2 – Facilities Maintenance and Repair 
Section VIII: Security 
Chapter 1 – Security VII – 1.1-1.2 
Section IX: Emergency Preparedness 
Chapter 1 – Emergency Preparedness IX-1.1 
Section X: Risk Management: Chapter 1 – Safety

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Download this Administrative Standard Operating Procedure template now for your own benefit!

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