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Download this effective HSK4 Chinese Survival Package including procedure how to register for HSK 4, HSK 4 vocabulary, HSK 4 flashcards, HSK4 official exams, etc

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Are you already preparing for the most important Chinese test: HSK? Download this easy to use HSK4 Chinese Survival Package including procedure how to register for HSK4, HSK4 vocabulary, HSK4 flashcards, HSK4 official tests, etc

The HSK4 Survival Package
This HSK4 or Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì, 汉语 水平 考试) words list is the name for the international Chinese standard test to check how well someone has mastered the Chinese language correctly. It is also known as the "Chinese TOEFL". We are providing you the following tools to progress from beginner to master in HSK and Chinese language:

  • HSK4 Vocabularies with all HSK4 Chinese characters, Pinyin, English explanation
  • HSK4 Flashcards
  • HSK4 Official Test Exam(s)
  • HSK4 Practicing example sentences
  • HSK Pinyin Pronunciation
  • HSK Chinese radicals explained
  • HSK Checklist
  • HSK Registration form
       (295 pages of learning material!)

If you don't want the Survival Package, you can also download all modules separately below:

HSK4 Vocabulary
This HSK4 Vocabulary includes all HSK 4 Chinese characters, Pinyin, English explanation. This HSK4 Chinese characters list is a complete vocabulary of all the words you need to master and is of the most important learning tools to learn the language, such as the radicals, characters, and words. It’s very important to study the right vocabulary!

HSK4 Flashcards
One highly efficient method to learn a new language is by using Flashcards. We provide flashcards for each character.

HSK4 Official Test Exam(s)

One or more official test exams aims to help to better understand the question types and general format for the HSK test.

HSK4 Practicing example sentences
A very easy to use practicing tool to in order to put the words in perspective, by getting to know easy to use sentences made out of other HSK words will enable you to improve your reading skills.

HSK4 Pinyin Pronunciation
This HSK Pinyin pronunciation chart will explain to you how to pronounce the Pinyin Chinese characters.

HSK4 List Of All Chinese Radicals
This template explores all Chinese radicals and explains their meaning.

HSK4 Checklist
The basic steps to follow to start doing your exam.

HSK4 Registration form
The standard registration form you need to fill in once you start with HSK.

Total Package Deal Now!
These HSK Survival packages are suitable for those with a "high-performance mindset” and motivated to learn the Chinese language the right way. Our education templates will make you achieve your goal to achieve your HSK4 degree faster! 

How to start learning Chinese?
The Chinese language is what they call a tonal language since people use 4 different tones. However it has a well-defined set of characters, it has a simple grammar system and it has no conjugation. In general, mastering 1.000 characters is enough for handling yourself in daily situations, both in and out of a professional context.

To compare with another widely spoken language: English, which uses the 26-letters Latin alphabet, the Chinese language has no alphabet. However, it uses a set of 214 strokes (or radicals), which make it possible to find a word in a dictionary, and to write the characters.

The pronunciation of Mandarin Chinese is helped by pinyin, which is a way to write Chinese using Latin characters. It is possible to start speaking Chinese immediately, thanks to this system. Mandarin Chinese cannot be confused with Cantonese Chinese, which is considered a different language is spoken in mostly southern China (Hong Kong, Guangdong)

Facts and statistics about Mandarin Chinese

  • Over one billion people speak standard Mandarin Chinese worldwide (Putonghua)
  • 4 tones apply to all or part of the syllables
  • 214 strokes make up Chinese characters
  • 400 syllables are enough to pronounce the words
  • Over 1.000 characters are necessary to speak fluently
  • Over 5.000 characters are necessary to understand 100%

Good luck with the preparations!

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