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How to use an Ikigai circle diagram? Do you want to learn more about the Ikigai circle diagram, then download this Ikigai circle PowerPoint template now!

IKIGAI, the reason for being explained. In order to rapidly manifest your needs, we provide this Ikigai circle template. It also contains several designs of Ikigai diagrams, that you can fill in yourself and use in your PowerPoint presentations.

According to Japanese tradition, everyone has their own Ikigai, which basically means the reason for their existence. The Ikigai concept explains the secrets for having a long, satisfying, and healthy life, as the inhabitants of Okinawa are living their life according to the Ikigai philosophy. On Okinawa, a Japanese island, they are famous for living a more healthy and active life for centuries.

A basic Ikigai diagram consists of 3 large circles and 8 specific fields, such as:

4 topics:

  • Passion
  • Mission
  • Profession
  • Vocation

And 4 questions:

  • What you love?
  • What you are good at?
  • What the worlds need?
  • What you can be paid for?

This easy-to-use printable Ikigai circle PowerPoint template is ready to download and easy to print an as hard copy. It doesn't matter if you’re working in the creative field, school projects, design field or need them for special business purposes, this printable Ikigai circle template is a good starting point. To download this Ikigai circle template, just click on the image or download buttons available. Download this Ikigai concept and blank Ikigai circle template now! Or check out our topic here: Circle Templates!

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Origin: In May of 2014 Marc Winn: What is your Ikigai? and Ikigai-EN.svg

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