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How to create a Business Travel Itinerary? An easy way to start completing your document is to download this example Business Travel Itinerary template now!

We provide this Business Travel Itinerary template to help professionalize the way you are working. Our business and legal templates are regularly screened and used by professionals. If time or quality is of the essence, this ready-made template can help you to save time and to focus on the topics that really matter!

Each time you need to create an itinerary, follow these steps to update the template with your executive’s travel information.

1. Personalize the HEADER information on the template
a. Include your executive’s name and your company name.
b. Insert your company’s name/logo.
c. Update the travel dates.
d. Do this on the 1st page AND also in the header so it prints on any additional pages of the document if your itinerary is more than 1 page long.

2. Update/add all AIRLINE information:
a. Delete all previous times on the itinerary template. 
b. Update all airline information requested on the template: dates, times, flight numbers, airline 800 numbers, travel agency numbers, any information that might be needed while traveling.

3. Update the GROUND TRANSPORTATION information:
a. Be sure to include car service info or shuttle/taxi contact numbers.
b. List on the itinerary where the car service or shuttle will pick the passenger up.
c. Include the confirmation number.

4. Update the HOTEL information:
a. Be sure there is a hotel contact number to reach the hotel.
b. Include street address and any applicable driving directions necessary.
c. Include the confirmation number and room rate.

5. Insert all pertinent MEETING INFORMATION in order of dates/times. 
a. Make sure to reference which time zone the time is listed in.  
[TIP: Put timezones in your phone or clock on the computer,or find out which time zone abbreviations apply at various times of the year.]
b. Include conference number dial in and passcode information in case their flights are delayed and they need to join the meeting from their cell phone until they arrive at the meeting location. (Trust me, it happens!)

6. Check each section of the itinerary for information that needs to be updated.

7. Treat the compilation of the itinerary as though you were the traveler.  What additional information would you want to know?
a. Driving directions
b. Restaurant options and/or locations
c. Entertainment venues
d. How to dial in to get voice messages
e. How to access email (or webmail) remotely

8. PROOF READ, PROOF READ, PROOF READ the completed itinerary.  There are a lot of details here.  Make sure you proof it well.

Using this Business Travel Itinerary template guarantees you will save time, cost and efforts! Completing documents has never been easier!

Download this Business Travel Itinerary template now for your own benefit!

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