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This is the complete licensing agreement for between/among a licensor and licensee. This can agreement can be used between individuals,  corporations, limited liability companies or partnerships.

With this agreement, the licensor of an intellectual property can set up a complete contract with the licensee regarding the right and usage of a so-called licensed IP with a detailed described framework of conditions and terms.

The following is taken into account in this agreement (8 pages)
  1. The exact definition of the license.
  2. Exclusion and all other rights.
  3. Considerations (payments etc.)
  4. Rights to sublicense.
  5. Affiliates.
  6. Copies.
  7. QC (Quality Control).
  8. Ownership.
  9. Confidentiality.
  10. Exceptions regarding confidential information.
  11. Survial of condidential information
  12. Diligence.
  13. Legal actions.
  14. Mutual representations and warranties.
  15. Licensor's representations and warranties.
  16. No warranties.
  17. Law and regulations.
  18. Indemnification by the licensor.
  19. Indemnification by the licensee.
  20. Indemnification process.
  21. Limitations of liability.
  22. Term
  23. Contract termination.
  24. Assignment.
  25. Severability.
  26. No Waiver
  27. Entire agreement.
  28. Governing law
  29. Disputes.
  30. Notices.
  31. Amendments.

This professional by lawyers written template is a perfect detailed example how to set up your own extended licensing agreement. 

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