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How to transfer a Gym Membership with a Transfer Letter? Download this sample Gym Membership Transfer Letter template now!

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How to transfer a Gym Membership with a Transfer Letter? Download this sample Gym Membership Transfer Letter template now!

So you are currently having a gym membership, but you expect to stop using it and you are paying for a monthly membership? Now if you signed a month to month contract you should be able to terminate with given days, make sure you read your contract or talk to a sales advisor or gym club manager! 

Make sure that you do not talk with their corporate office because chances are they have no idea what you are talking about, they do not know you so they will also not act on your request. 

Sometimes you will end up in their call center, which might not be in the same country if it's a big gym. Make sure you read your gym subscription contract first before you contact the fitness club. If you are in contract and you cannot afford it right now, some gym has the option to “freeze” your account with no cost to you. If you are in contract and you just do not care anymore some people ask their bank to change their card and some gym will actually just terminate your account if they do not have a new card on file.

This cancellation letter template is an example of a cancellation letter that can be used to end a gym membership (such as to a gym or club). 

By sending a written transfer letter, you can eliminate any room for misunderstanding and have you can ensure you have written proof of your request. Before writing your own transfer letter, you should take a close look at the contract you have with the gym. If you signed up for a specific membership period, you might be obligated to fulfill the terms before your cancellation can be processed. It can be that your gym allows for early cancellation. In many countries and states, for example, that you might be eligible for early cancellation if you're moving to another city that is too far away from the gym.

In order to rapidly make sure you are getting results, make sure to draft a strong letter. This letter to transfer gym membership template will help you structure your thoughts in a professional way!

Download and modify this letter and send it to your gym directly. If you prefer to make a Gym membership cancellation letter, then check out this letter.

Snippet: TO WHOM SO EVER IT MAY CONCERN Date: Place: I _____(name of the person giving the letter) hereby authorize ________ (name of the person who is being authorized) to use my Gym membership on my behalf and and can join ______( name of Gym )..

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