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How to write an Authorization Letter to Collect Cheque? Can I authorize someone to encash my check? Check out this effective letter to request somebody else to collect a cheque on your behalf.

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How to write an Authorization Letter to Collect Cheque? Can I authorize someone to encash my check? Check out this effective letter format for a request letter on how to let somebody else collect a cheque on your behalf.

You can authorize someone to encash your check as long as you provide a professional authorization letter, also known as Special Power of Attorney. Especially banks will require you to enclose a SPA, together with valid ID proof. Expect to hand over at least two valid IDs when you let somebody else collect a cheque for you. 

When you are unable to collect your check, and you need an effective sample letter to collect a cheque. It is always important to connect with the person or representative of a business dispensing the check to ask if there are any special requirements, but in general, the Authorization letter should contain the following information:

  • Date: Make sure to place a date directly on top of the authorization letter, and this date should not be more than a couple of days from the date of collection.
  • Letter-recipient information: Recipient information begins below the date. Make sure that you use the formal name of an individual, if possible. Include the persons’ title. Follow this with the formal company name (full name) when applicable, and then place the exact (and most relevant) address.
  • Subject: ‘Authorization to collect the cheque on behalf’, ‘Authorization letter to claim cheque’, etc.
  • Salutation: Preferably use a simple salutation (Dear Sir NAME, Dear Madam NAME, etc) directly under the recipient information. You may also use “To Whom It May Concern” if there is no individual name or title available.
  • Reason: The reason why you are not able to collect the check yourself and the way it is best to collect.
  • Beneficiary information: Make sure to write clearly the payee’s name and address in the letter, and preferably at the beginning of the letter. Use the beneficiary/payee’s formal or passport name as it is expected to appear exactly the same on the check. Do not use any other short names or nicknames.
  • Authorization: Come right to the point in the first sentence in the body of the letter. Name the representative using the name which appears on the representative’s primary ID and/or company ID, again avoiding nicknames. State that the representative is being authorized to claim the cheque for the payee. Aim to provide at least 2 ways to identify the person.
  • Identification proof: Include a description of the cheque to be claimed. Use whatever descriptive information helps the recipient clearly identify the cheque.
  • Period authorization is applicable: Provide a date or specific period during which the authorization to collect the cheque applies.
  • Any further information: Be sure to mention any additional instructions or information needed. If the representative should show Identification Documents or should present the payee’s Identity proof, including these instructions. A request for a phone call or email to the payee, immediately after pick-up, can also be added.
  • Contact information: Include the beneficiary contact details, such as the email address or phone numbers, should the recipient wish to make contact.
  • Closing: Use a simple closing like “Thank you for smooth cooperation.”
  • Beneficiary name: Skip three or four lines to leave enough space for a signature and type the name of the payee below the closing.
  • Signature: Always sign the letter in blue or black ink.

If you are looking for effective Authorization Letter templates to collect something on another person behalf, check out the following sample authorization letters:

By using this ready to use and easy-to-modify Authorization Letter format for collecting a cheque from the bank or post office, you can be sure to have a professional letter template that you can personalize into your own authorization letter in order to let someone else collect a cheque for you on your behalf. Save yourself time and effort and download this Authorization Letter written in a certain format now. 

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