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How to set up a Manager Employment Contract as a company? Download this Sample Manager Employment Contract template now!

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How to set up a proper Sample Manager Employment Contract as a company? Download this Manager Employment Contract template that will perfectly suit your needs!

What is an Employment Contract? 

An employment contract or contract of employment is a specific and common type of contract used in labor law that explains rights and responsibilities between the employer and employee. Its origin lies in the old master-servant law, used before the 20th century. Legal communication is essential to individuals and companies to ensure truthful, accurate information exchange and enable morally-correct decision making. This is important to give consideration to how to communicate and how to remain lawful in your day-to-day business activities. Therefore, communication in situations that involve legal complications, request extra attention. 

This Manager Employment Contract template covers the most important subjects and will help you to structure and communicate in a professional and legal way between the Employer (management/HR/Recruitment, etc) and Manager.

  • Terms;
  • Professional certification;
  • Responsibilities;
  • Duties;
  • Professional conduct;
  • Professional growth manager;
  • Compensation;
  • Vacation or other benefits;
  • Expenses;
  • Transporation;
  • Professional liability;
  • Personal protection;
  • Goals and objectives;
  • Evaluation;
  • Medical health;
  • Renewal;
  • Termination employment as a manager;
  • Savings clause;
  • Fringe benefits, such as:
    • Deferred Compensation or Bonus: compensation or payment made at the end of a contract term, upon release, termination, or non-renewal of a contract, or at stipulated time.
    • Liability Insurance: Coverage for legal proceedings that resulted from actions taken within the scope of the legal mandate and Board policies and procedures. (Can be provided by some directors and officers policies.)
    • Individual Policy, Non-Group Life Insurance term, whole life, or other insurance policies, such as medical or dental policies.
    • Performance Bonus: A payment usually paid annually and frequently tied to performance.
    • Housing: Either an allowance or authorization for on-site housing.
    • Supplemental Office Equipment: Provision for such items as a personal computer at home and work, answering machine, cellular phone, beeper, or dictation equipment.
    • Various Insurances: May include short-term disability insurance, long-term disability, accident and sickness, personal days, severance plans with payment tied to unused sick leave, vacation days and similar leaves.
    • Medical Insurance: May include medical, health maintenance {{Organization}}, maternity leave, dental care, vision care, prescription payments, psychiatric care, physical examination, and retiree health care.
    • Pension Plans, etc

Using our legal templates will help you to deal with the situation! However, this Legal template will help you dealing with this legal matter, we still recommend you to consider finding legal support in case you have doubts about dealing with it the right way. 

Sample Manager Employment Contract: This employment contract made and entered into this day by and between the board of directors and management. Whereas Association desires to provide Manager with a written employment contract to enhance administrative stability and continuity within the company and whereas company and manager believe that a written employment contract is necessary to describe specifically their relationship and to serve as the basis of effective communication between them as they fulfill their governance and administrative functions in the operation of the company. Manager shall have a knowledge of relevant codes, laws, and ordinances acquire and maintain knowledge of current state condominium laws, fire and health codes, workman compensation laws, tax requirements, and local ordinances, and shall have knowledge of directors and officers (DO) liability, as well as the ability to work with the Association’s legal counsel. Association agrees that it shall defend, hold harmless and indemnify Manager from any and all demands, claims, suits, actions, and legal proceedings brought against Manager in his/her capacity, or in his/her official capacity as agent and employee of the Association, provided the incident arose while the Manager was acting within the scope of his/her employment and excluding criminal litigation and as such liability coverage is within the authority of the Association to provide under state law.

Download this professional legal Sample Manager Employment Contract template now and save yourself time, efforts, and possibly reduce the lawyer-fees in order to become more successful.

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