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Policies of the University of North Texas Health Science Center
Chapter 5
Human Resources
05.605 Vacation Leave
Policy Statement.
Regular faculty and staff members of the University of North Texas Health Science Center at
Fort Worth are entitled to a vacation leave allowance within the standards of the
Appropriations Act.
Application of Policy.
Regular Faculty and Staff
Procedures and Responsibilities.
1. Rate of Accrual and Accrual Computations: Vacation entitlement accrues as follows.
a. Credit for vacation leave accrual is given for each month or fraction of a
month of State employment and is posted on the first day of employment
and on the first day of each succeeding month thereafter. Vacation
entitlement accrues from the first day of employment, and is terminated on
the last day of duty. If the employee is on any type of paid leave that
extends into a subsequent month(s), any vacation leave accrual for such
month(s) on paid leave will not be posted until the date of his/her return to
Duty day is defined as an employee’s last physical day on the job.
b. Employees will accrue vacation leave in accordance with the following
Employees with Total Hours Accrued
State Employment of: Per Month:
0 - 24 months 8
25 - 60 months 9
61 - 120 months 10
121 - 180 months 11
181- 240 months 13
241 - 300 months 15
301 - 360 months 17
361 - 420 months 19
421 months or more 21

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