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ICF Early Education Institute™ GSA Conference 2009
Sample Strategic Plan
Program Name: Community Child Development Center (CCDC)
This document describes the Board of Directors’ strategic plan for Community Child
Development Center (CCDC). It presents Community Child Development Center’s
(CCDC) vision, mission, values and objectives; reviews its strengths, weaknesses, threats
and opportunities; and outlines the goals and action strategies to support each objective.
The vision of Community Child Development Center (CCDC) is to offer an affordable,
high quality child care option dedicated to promoting and strengthening the health and
well-being of young children and their families. Through our programs and services, we
build a community that respects each individual and demonstrates an inclusive
environment that celebrates our work together for a better tomorrow.
Mission Statement:
The central purpose and mission of Community Child Development Center (CCDC) is
defined as:
Community Child Development Center, a non- profit 501(3)C
organization, strives to provide young children and their families with the
highest quality child care and play-based education program in our county.
Corporate Values:
Respect for families
Excellent customer service
Accountability to staff, children and families
Respect for the individual while honoring teamwork
Continued education and training of staff

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