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(organisation number 975 350 940)
The General Shareholders Meeting was held on 24 May 2016 at 09:00 am at the Company's
office at the following address: Bontelabo 2, 5020 Bergen.
In accordance with the notice of the General Shareholders Meeting issued by the Board of
Director's notice on 3 May 2016, the following proposals were made in regard to:
The Agenda:
1 Opening of the meeting by the Chairman of the Board, Helge Singelstad, and
registration of shareholders present
2 Election of chairperson for the meeting and one person to co-sign the minutes
3 Approval of notice and proposed agenda
4 Approval of the Board of Directors’ statement regarding salaries and other
remuneration of executive personnel
5 Approval of the annual report and financial statements of the parent company and the
consolidated report and financial statements for 2014, including distribution of
dividend and remuneration of the auditor, the Board of Directors and the Nomination
6 Report regarding corporate governance
7 Election of Board of Directors
Directors for election are Helge Singelstad (Chairman of the Board, re-election), Arne
Møgster (board member, re-election), and Marianne Møgster (board member, re-election)
Members of the Nomination Committee Helge Møgster (Chairman), Benedicte
Schilbred Fasmer, and Aksel Linchausen, all are recommended re-elected
8 The Board’s proposal regarding renewal of the Board’s mandate to purchase the
Company’s own shares
9 The Board’s proposal regarding renewal of the Board’s mandate to increase the share
capital by issuing new shares through private placements

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