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How to say someone is a high performer on a letter of recommendation? Download this template now which can help you quickly and easily write a recommendation letter for a high performer.

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How to say someone is a high performer on a letter of recommendation? This template can help you quickly and easily write a recommendation letter for a high performer. It is designed to help you provide a clear and comprehensive assessment of the individual's performance. Download this sample recommendation letter now and start writing your letter.

This recommendation letter classifies as a reference letter for a staff member that delivers a high work performance. Building a business has many steps and requirements and getting the best staff to grow a company is often overlooked  Recruiting great assets for your organization requires effort and knowledge, and, depending on the size and industry, might become quickly overwhelming. When your employee asks you for a recommendation letter, treat this as an important matter, and make sure you provide him or her with the best possible recommendation letter.

Within an organization, the Human resources department manages its employees, from the beginning: by selecting and recruiting staff (sifting through resumes, job applications and conducting interviews), onboarding and training them, do performance reviews (KPO setting, annual review, etc.), all employment-related paperwork, and finally also arranges the termination of the employees. For this reason, a recommendation letter will be received with respect, and they will carefully check it with the person that gives the recommendation, to see if the letter and past performance is valid.

Employee high performance recommendation letter:

I am writing this letter to strongly recommend {{Name}} for your program.  I know {{Name}} because he worked in my company for one summer.  {{Name}} came to me a year ago to discuss the possibility of spending a summer working in my office.  I met with him and outlined a project.  I gave him some background reading at our first meeting. By the time of our second meeting he had read what I had given him and prepared a two-page project description.  This level of effort is typical of a good {{Education}} who joins my lab, so I agreed to take him on for a summer. During his time, {{Name}} demonstrated a good work ethic and interpersonal skills.  We outlined a scope of work to be completed, and he successfully completed that work in the time required.  He put in extra hours as necessary in order to meet specific deadlines that I set...

We support you by providing this reference letter template, which will help you or your boss to make a perfect one! This Work Performance Recommendation Letter is created by HR professionals, and intelligently structured, and easy-to-finish to make it fit your own needs.     

Download this recommendation letter template now! This will save you time, cost, and effort and helps you in your future career finding a new position.

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