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How to dispute your employee warning letter to your staff for a violation of code of conduct? Download this formal warning letter notice to employee now.

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How to dispute your employee warning letter to your staff for a violation of code of conduct?

When you write a formal warning to an employee that certain behavior is unacceptable in the working environment and culture, which are often already specified in the company’s code of conduct. Such notifications are a disciplinary measure that is commonly used by employers to inform their staff members that they have violated company rules and continuing to do so may lead to more serious consequences. In such a letter, an employee should mention the behavior in which the employee is being reprimanded with the relevant events and dates when the code was broken. The consequences of repeating the same mistakes will also be specified, as well as what the employee should do to improve the situation.

Common situations when a warning letter is issues: tardiness, late coming or excessive absence ,job abandonment, refuse to work, (sexual) harassment, disrespectful behavior, etc.

Writing suggestions when you want to send out a warning letter to an employee:
  • Describe the violation and keep it factual;
  • Specify the time and date when the problem or mistake occurred;
  • Describe the possible consequences that will result from repeated unacceptable misconduct;
  • Mention the company policy, HR handbook chapter or code of conduct that the employee broke;
  • Describe what the employee can do to rectify or better the situation;
  • Give the warning letter as soon as possible after the incident happens;
  • Talk to the employee when handing over the warning;

It provides information about employee misconduct so that employees do not misunderstand.

Employee Warning Letter violation sample sentences:

  • Employee name
  • Position title
  • Location
  • Circumstances/actions warranting notice:
  • Recommendation/corrective actions
  • Consequences of further violations
  • Signature of supervisor
  • Title of supervisor
  • date signed
  • Employee comments

Download this sample warning letter to employee now and modify it according to your preferences.

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