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Assembled by Shirley Carpenter
Opening of the Seven Seals
Revelation 6 & 8:1
First Seal
(Revelation 6:2)
The White Horse
The preaching of the Gospel
Second Seal
(Revelation 6:3-4)
The Red Horse
Killing - man killing man, and killing through war
Third Seal
(Revelation 6:5-6)
The Black Horse
Gross inflation
Fourth Seal
(Revelation 6:7-8)
The Ashen Horse
Death by war, famine, pestilence and wild beasts
Fifth Seal
(Revelation 6:9-11)
The Martyrs Under the altar
Sixth Seal
(Revelation 6:12-17)
Shaking of Heaven and Earth
Earthquake, meteor shower, tsunami
Sealing of a Remanent
(Revelation 7:1-8)
144,000 - 12,000 from each tribe
Rapture of a Multitude
(Revelation 7:4-17)
Taken out of the great tribulation
See Revelation 3:1-6
Seventh Seal
(Revelation 8:1)
Completion of Redemption
Silence in heaven - The awe of the saints
Altar of Incense
(Revelation 8:3-5)
Final preparation for the wrath of God to be
poured out
Seven Trumpets and Seven Bowls
Revelation 8, 9, & 16
First Trumpet First Bowl
(Revelation 8:7) (Revelation 16:2)
Hail fire and blood thrown to earth.
Burns up 1/3 of the earth and trees, and causes
malignant sores on men with the mark of the beast.
Second Trumpet Second Bowl
(Revelation 8:8) (Revelation 16:3)
A mountain burning with fire cast into the sea.
1/3 of the sea becomes blood and kills all sea creatures
in it. Destroys 1/3 of the ships.
Third Trumpet Third Bowl
(Revelation 8:9-11) Revelation 16:4-7)
A star falls from the heavens burning like a
1/3 of the rivers and springs become like blood. Waters
become poisonous, causing many to die.
Fourth Trumpet Fourth Bowl
(Revelation 8:12) (Revelation 16:8)
Poured out on 1/3 of the sun, moon and stars.
Causes 1/3 of the day and night to be without light, while
scorching men with fire.

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