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OMB Approval No.:3245-0324
Expiration Date: 11/30/2009
U.S. Small Business Administration
Management Training Report
Location Code:
Initials of Data Inputter:
1. Name of Office Providing the Service: _________________________ City/ State _______________
SBA Form 888 (11-06) Previous Editions are Obsolete
2. Organization
SBA District Office SCORE, Chapter No._______
Other (specify) ________________
3. Date Training Started
4. No. of
5. Total Hours
of Training
6. Title of Training
7. Location of Training
City ___________________________ State__________ Zip _____________
8. Total Number Trained __________
9. Total Number of Minorities
Trained ____________
_______ Currently in Business
_______ Not Yet in Business
_______ People with Disabilities
_______ Women
________ Total Veterans
________ Service-Disabled Veterans
_________Members of Reserve or National Guard
(please complete to the extent information is available)
________ Asians
_________ Blacks or Africans Americans
_________ Native Americans or Alaskan Natives
_________ Native Hawaiians or other Pacific Islanders
_________ White
________Hispanic Origin
________Not of Hispanic Origin
10. Training Topic (check primary topic)
Business Start-up/Preplanning
Business Plan
Business Financing/Capital Sources
Managing a Business
Human Resources/
Managing Employees
Customer Relations
Business Accounting/Budget
Cash Flow Management
Tax Planning
Government Contracting
Buy/Sell Business
Legal Issues
International Trade
Other (Specify)
11. Resource Partners Participating (check all that apply)
Women's Business Center
Educational Institution
Chamber Of Commerce
Trade Or Professional Assoc.
For-Profit Organization
Online Training Resource
SBA District Office
Native American Center
SBA (specify office)
Other Govt. Agency (specify)
Other (specify)
12. Program Format (check only one)
Seminar (short-term training on business-related subjects that is conducted as a single, stand alone program)
Course (more formal structured training on business-related subjects that may be conducted over a number of sessions)
Online Course (a formal structured training delivered via the Internet)
Teleconference (any training delivered via electronic communications, except Online Course)
15. What is the dollar amount of fees that your organization received? 13. Attendee Fee
Full Fee _____________ x $__________ = $__________
(no. of attendees) (fee per attendee)
Discounted Fee ______________ x $__________ = $__________
No Fee ______________ x $____
0_____ = $_____0____
No Show Income_____________x$___________= $__________
Other Income =$__________
14. Total Gross Fee Income $__________
16. Language(s) Used
English Spanish Other (specify) ________________________
17. Name of Sponsor
18. Name of Co-sponsors (if applicable)
_____________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________
_____________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________

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